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How to Achieve Orgasm While Sexting 

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Stroking and Typing – Some of you reading this may think that cyber sex or sexting is a thing of the past. You may even remember back in the 90’s when people had cybersex in chat rooms. By today’s standards that seems very low tech, but back then, it was state of the art. The idea of beating your meat while talking to someone around the world was jaw-dropping. Fast forward it to the modern day and cybersex is still a thing. Sure, it’s something most people don’t do. They can easily talk on the phone, Skype, or even live cam. With that said, you should give cybersex chat rooms and sexting sites a try. Below we’re going to provide you with a brief description of both. They are two very different things should be approached as such.

What is Cyber Sex? – Cybersex is when you talk to someone sexually using mediums such as chat rooms, instant messengers, or other means of text communication. The critical thing here is that it’s back and forth chat that is usually instantaneous. It’s like phone sex, but you’re typing everything out. You’ve got to be pretty good at typing with one hand to pull this off.

Sexting Requires a Phone – Sexting uses text messages that you send back and forth to each other. They are generally sexual, but you’re probably not going to be masturbating while sexting. You should think of sexting as being more flirtatious than cybersex. When it comes to sexting, you’re trying to get each other’s juices flowing. It’s entirely possible that sexting could lead to cyber sex. The great thing about sexting is that the messages can be traded back and forth throughout the day, whereas cybersex is more akin to chatting in real time.

Do it with your lover or a stranger – Sexting and cybersex are great things to keep your relationship fresh. You can send your significant other messages throughout the day that are naughty. It always feels good to know that someone is thinking of you sexually. Though, you can also sext and have cybersex with strangers. No rule says you have to know the person. You can meet someone online and have a cybersex session. It’s a great way to release some sexual tension without having to worry about things such as sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Type Sexy To Me

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Showcase Your Roleplaying – Many people that are heavily into cyber sex are also very much into roleplaying. They consider themselves master storytellers and love to type scenarios to their partners as they both enjoy the pictures the words are painting in their minds as they masturbate together. Ones into reading erotic short stories are very often good cyber sexters. Reading the hot, steamy scenarios and seeing that pop up on the screen in front of you live, can be very arousing for many. Stories are often well thought out and plotted before a pen is taken to paper, cyber sex is very instant.


Describe It To Me – Some people are simply too shy for phone sex or cam sex, so cyber sex allows them to have a very hot conversation with someone in not as personal a manner. The cyber sex sessions can go on for hours and even be the base of a good written story. It’s amazing how good some can be at crafting a story right off the top of their head let alone while they are masturbating! Talk about multitasking! It’s very impressive to be a one handed typist and be stimulating your genitals and someone else’s mind at the same time. Some are generous and not masturbating themselves, they might just be typing sexy while the other person enjoys their efforts.

Dirty Words – Sometimes while having cyber sex you might use words a bit stronger than you’d use in your everyday speech, so they have more power to them, some love the word “cunt” and ask for it by name, while others would be a bit reserved to say it much out loud. Writing down words can often give you the opportunity to be a bit bolder with your descriptions than you might in person. Cyber sex partners can often tell each other stories and masturbate for years, getting to know each others kinks and quirks quite well and come up with surprisingly naughty things to entertain themselves with. So if you’re looking for a cyber sex partner, why not check out the forums or the chat rooms and see if you can find a naughty type chat masturbation partner for yourself, you just never know who you might find with a creative mind and an over active libido waiting for you!

Dirty Words

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Searching For Cyber Sex – Lots of people are on the cyber sex bandwagon these days. Sexy type chat as both parties, usually both anyway, masturbate. For hearing impaired people, this would be an excellent choice to spice up your masturbation routine. Yes, they’d be able to watch porn, but that’s not interactive the way it is if you add another person to the mix, and phone sex wouldn’t work for ones that were deaf obviously. Many blind people are into erotic audios, I’d think cyber sex would be fairly big among the deaf crowd.


Silent & Private – Some people don’t get into phone sex because they worry about privacy issues, roommates or family possibly hearing them talking to someone, or the naughty things they might be saying, but cyber sex is silent except for the keys typing away or your moans of ecstasy as you masturbate. Looking for good cyber partners can be a challenge for ones that are into it, they often gravitate towards chat rooms where they might find like minded others also looking to masturbate this way and have some hot chat between them.


Steamy, Erotic Words – Not many men are into romance novels like women, but lots of guys do enjoy erotica, especially the back and forth kind like good cyber sex can bring. A worry for many guys though, is who are they really cybering with, is it another guy? If you don’t hear their voice, you really have no idea. Most don’t want to think of the possibility, but I guess you just have to lose yourself into the fantasy and not really worry about it. Enjoy the time removed away from reality and the hot words and the pictures those words paint and try not to focus on anything more. Do you really want to know? If you truly did, you’d be into cam or phone. It’s fantasy, relax. Enjoy your masturbation!

New Year’s Masturbation Resolutions

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Watch Me Masturbate – With the coming New Year often times ones make New Year’s resolutions for things they’d like to change or improve for the new start that each year brings us. It may seem silly for ones to ponder how they can improve their masturbation routine, but you’d be surprised how much pleasure it can bring even more than just the physical sensations it does if you involve another person in it. It’s often surprising to me how many people are shy and won’t try new things because of fears they won’t be thought of as good enough by the other person, especially for web cam, they might be worried about their appearance or just privacy concerns.


Find Someone For Free Online Fun Tonight – Cyber sex, phone sex and web cam sex can all greatly enhance our otherwise solitary sexual enjoyment. If you’re looking for free mutual masturbation chat, the climaxconnection chat rooms have people looking for similar types of fun in them. There’s never a shortage of horny guys looking for action, and we have a surprisingly active and randy group of ladies as well. Never underestimate the value of a well written a and informative profile. When guys message me that have no words at all or maybe one sentence on their page and ask why they are ignored, why their messages are not replied to, it’s as plain as day why, yet doing a proper profile takes a few minutes to write out what you’re looking for and sound interesting. Hunting takes effort. You need to cast out a lot of lines to hook one, but if you do, it might have been worth the efforts. So make one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a few fun masturbation partners.


Sex Scenarios Galore – For cyber sex enthusiasts and ones into reading erotic short stories, they can find partners here and spend hours reading the contributions of our site authors, or write something and contribute it yourself. Why not put that fantasy down you’ve been getting off to for years, maybe others might find it arousing as well. A few of my own stories started as a fantasy that I spun into a whole story, it can be done and others enjoy you sharing it.

Some Manners, If You Please…

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Don’t Be A Jerk – I wrote the following to a member who had written me and asked what he could do to cut down on his experiences with women online that were cybering or camming with him and then going offline as soon as they came, leaving him in the lurch. I decided my reply was sensible enough to be posted for others to see and hopefully learn something from. Even if you are not a religious sort, the do unto others as you would have them do onto you bit is sound advice that every single person should be practicing.

Assholes Online – Many online are assholes, this will come as no revelation, I am sure. Keyboard warriors who are bold due to their anonymity alone. One way to avoid getting dropped during a cam, phone or cyber session, is not to engage in one until you know the person better, but I know most people come on when they are horny and want something right then. This has never been my personal game plan, it’s like going shopping when you are starving, you’ll grab the nearest morsel you can get.


Don’t Just Be Horny, Be Polite – I realize my personal “audition process” is not what most people do, but it cuts down on bad experiences when you chat with someone a few times before playing, there’s more of an investment of time, so they are not as apt to run off as soon as they cum. Even with this method though, it has happened to me. I have been hung up on by a handful of guys after they came, and I was livid and immediately deleted and blocked them. One I even had chatted with for 6 weeks before playing with him and he did this to me the first and only time we played. I have never done this to one person I have phoned with, even when I knew I’d made a bad choice and would never be playing with them again, I got through it and did it and finished the call.


Cum & Go – I have heard countless guys tell me girls they were phoning, camming, or cybering with some girl who immediately left when they came. There are some rude, inconsiderate individuals out there. Obviously they wouldn’t do that to someone they were looking for a long term online playing relationship with. But a “hit and run encounter” with someone they have no intention of playing with again, they just don’t care. Other sites will be the same, CC doesn’t have the market cornered on thoughtless jerks and bitches, all sites will have the same sorts. Selfish idiots looking to get off and only their own orgasm to care about. Show others some respect and let them finish, even if you know you will not be playing with them again.

You Get What You Give – Karma is a reality, what goes around does indeed come around. Show others the same courtesy and respect you yourself would wish to be shown. Would you like to be hung up on? Your screen go black as they have turned off their cam? See them log out in chat when they say they have cum? I doubt you would. Treat others decently and maybe you will have someone to play with again in the future, and not some one time hit and run encounter that you’d be embarrassed to be confronted about.