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Here We Come A Cougaring…..

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Horny MILF – Here we have a cougar…A cougar in the pic and a cougar writing this. Thankfully there is no shortage online of young men that appreciate older women. I’m glad, because I do like the nice young boys half my age, makes me feel naughty, as well as very sexy and desirable. The appeal of the cougar is multi faceted. There is the confidence factor. They know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it and “if you don’t like it fuck off,” mentality many cougars have.


Sexy Older Woman – Also the wealth of experience most cougars bring to the table sexually speaking. The cubs are usually more than willing students. Many have grown up fantasizing about friends of their mom, mom’s of their friends, or even mom herself in their masturbatory fantasies. Maybe there may be some naughty older gals around willing to give them a shot and teach them a trick or two. Even though younger men may be inexperienced in comparison, there is no denying the appeal of youth and sexual stamina and a cock hardened by nature rather than by pharmaceuticals.


Cougar And The Cub – A woman is at her sexual peak in her cougar years and young men are in their college age years, seems a match made in heaven to me. Have the older gals teach the young men how to be caring and proficient lovers. They are likely much more eager to please than their worn out middle aged husbands looking to recapture their youth by buying a sports car and going to the hair club for men. Give me a college boy any day over that sad stereotype. A youthful partner is the best aphrodisiac that there is. The old timers that think their years of experience and Viagra make them appealing are kind of a joke to me, sorry. I’ll take the 18 year old any day of the week, thanks.