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Could Swinging Spice Up Your Relationship?

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swinging, swingers, sexual variety

Sexual Variety – Swingers clubs are popping up all over the place. This means many couples will want to give them a try. Here we’ll give you some easy to follow pointers that will make your swinging club experience is one to remember. It’s not uncommon for the alcohol to be flowing freely at a swingers club. Nothing gets people more loose than booze. You’re going to want to keep the drinking to a minimum. You may end up doing something you regret if you’re totally wasted. Beyond that, your plumbing might work properly if you’re drunk.

swinging, swingers, sexual variety

No Glove, No Love – Not being able to get it up kind of defeats the purpose of going to a swingers club. Bring some condoms with you to the club. The couples at the swingers club may seem nice, but you don’t know them. They’re total strangers and you need to treat them as such. By not using condoms you’re putting yourself and your partner at risk. Always wear a condom when having sex with strangers. It lowers the risk of both disease and unwanted pregnancy. Two things every swinger needs to be concerned about. The last tip may be the most important one.

swinging, swingers, sexual variety

No Pressure – Allow you or your partner to back out of the whole thing at any time. When a new swingers club comes into town, the whole thing seems so exciting. That excitement may go away quickly when you realize your partner will be having sex with someone else. Don’t be surprised if one or both of you aren’t able to go along with swinging. At least you went to the club and saw what it was all about.