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Public Sex How To Guide

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public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex, getting caught

Sex Out In The Open – Public sex how to guide. Who doesn’t have a fantasy about having sex in traffic? Not only is it erotic in itself, but there’s something sensual about knowing you could be discovered at any moment. However, in many places, getting caught by the wrong person while having invisible sex can be particularly bad. While a lot of people will wave you off and laugh (probably while remembering their own adventures!), some people might try to cause issues. For that reason, it’s best to try to keep your public sex as private as possible – while still retaining the sexual edge that you’re looking for.

public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex, getting caught

Make It Good – These tips will help you achieve invisible sex in the middle of traffic:Pick a Location: Before you do anything else, try to pick a public sex location that’s bound to work well for you. Consider finding a progressive or private area. Areas known for drunken conduct (such as near bar districts) might also be better than, say, an office building. You’re less-likely to run into people in an abandoned park versus an alleyway along main street.

public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex, getting caught

Plan Sex in Traffic Ahead of Time: While public sex is hottest when its entirely unplanned, realistically, you’ll be much more-likely to enjoy both of yourselves if you have a good handle of the location and the time. Scout your possible locations ahead of time – and preferably during the time frame when you think you’d want to use them. Know how busy the area is, what angles will be most hidden, and how well sound travels. Don’t forget to look up! Some areas that look great from the ground may be clearly-visible from anyone in the buildings above it.

public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex, getting caught

Spontaneity: The fun of public sex is the spontaneous of it. Part of why people love invisible sex is the idea that “you couldn’t wait any longer”. While you’ve put a bit of planning into your public sex adventure, there’s no reason that you can’t make that part still an enjoyable part of your experience!

public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex, getting caught

Sufficient Warm Up Time – Spend the day teasing each other and turning each other on – while both knowing exactly what you have planned for later in the day. By the time you’ve made it to your spot for public sex, you’ll truly feel like you don’t want to wait a second longer to make it home. Be Prepared: Along with having a plan ahead of time and teasing each other throughout the day, you should consider everything else you’ll need. Choose clothing that’s easy to remove – and easy to put back on. Skirts, dresses, and loose shorts tend to work best. Choosing not to wear underwear that day can also smooth along your experience. Don’t forget to pack the condom or a portable bottle of lubricant. Consider scoping out the nearest garbage can if you’ll need to toss a condom – or be ready to throw it into a pocket. Be prepared to go as quickly as possible, and realize that you might need to continue the scene once you both make it into the privacy of your own home.

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The Thrill Of Risky Sex

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publicsex1Sex In The Great Outdoors – Sex outside is something that turns a lot of people on. You may even be the type that gets worked up having sex in public. Here we’re going to give you some tips for doing the deed in the open outdoors. Sex in public can mean many different things. It can mean having sex in an place where you know for sure people are going to see. While it could also mean simply having sex outside. Sex in the wilderness is vastly different than in the backseat of a car while on a busy street.


Being Smart and Sneaky – Here we’re going to give you some tips on how to make voyeurism safe and fun. The first one is the most obvious. Don’t get yourself in trouble. You’ll have an embarrassing time talking to your boss at work and your family if you get busted. You could even end up losing your job. It’s not something you should risk just for a thrill. This is why you’re going to try to keep it somewhat out of public view. You could even end up in jail. That’s the last place you want to be. You won’t have the fun kind of public sex in there. Let’s just leave it at that. Always be able to make a mad dash if need be. That means you should have your clothes near by at all times. Don’t wander off too far from your clothes. The last thing you want is to be running around naked trying not to get caught. You’ll attract far more attention to yourself.


Be Ready To Run – There may be times when you have to get out of there real fast. Maybe a lot of people just walked by or there’s a barking dog that won’t shut up. There are a million reasons why you may want to get out of there real quickly. Make sure you can do so and you’ll avoid getting in trouble. Find yourself a safe and somewhat secluded area. Make sure it’s not downtown on a busy street. The idea is to have sex until completion. There is nothing fun about not completing the task. It’ll only ensure that you’ll have to take matters in your own hands later. Which in the end kind of defies the logic behind having sex in the first place.

The Friendly Skies

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Up Up And Away – The friendly skies are indeed friendlier than many would like to believe. The mile high club is a reality many strive to get into, though honestly why, I cannot imagine, with cramped quarters, prying eyes and seats and blankets you can’t be sure just what has been left on or soaked into.


Fun In The Clouds – I have talked to some that have made the skies a bit friendlier and been amused by their tales of mid air debauchery. One of them described to me getting a blow job from his girlfriend on a red eye flight cross country on a nearly empty plane and the flight attendant knew what was going on under the blanket but didn’t do anything about it.


Mile High Masturbation – Another article I read was how a man was arrested after masturbating in his seat and then getting up to finish in the lavatory after the girl sitting next to him complained. My, talk about getting to know your seatmates! Coffee? Tea? Tissue? Ha ha! Now I’m not one to make one be deprived of pleasure, but shouldn’t he have started in the bathroom to begin with? Hopefully he wouldn’t have lasted long so ones wouldn’t know what he was doing, but really? You can’t wait? Really???


Crowded Quarters – Couples have also been known to get it on in the telephone booth sized lavatories, honestly I can’t think of anything less romantic or sanitary than doing such a thing, but then horniness has been know to get the better of some of us at the most inopportune times!