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Fantastic Sex Fantasies

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Doable Fantasies – Don’t let porn videos or romance novels make your fantasies impossible. It can be way too easy to let that happen. You’re not even going to realize it. This is the problem with subjecting yourself to too much erotic material. Tame down your fantasies. Make sure they’re realistic. Just because you see or read something doesn’t mean you can do it.

fantasy, sexual fantasy, variety

Fantasy To Reality – How do you know if your fantasies aren’t realistic? Are you living them out? If not, then you need to dial it back a little. You can easily feel like a let down if your fantasies aren’t doable. You’ll feel like you aren’t achieving your sexual goals. This will have a negative impact on your sex life. Now you see why it’s important to have realistic fantasies. None of this means you shouldn’t shoot for the stars when it comes to your fantasies. You can always have one that’s almost unreachable. Just keep most of them realistic. Everyone knows the limits of their relationship. There’s no need to set the bar so high you can’t reach it. Instead, develop realistic fantasies that are within reach.

fantasy, sexual fantasy

Hot Scenarios – Fantasies are extremely important. They allow you to be creative in the sack. A fantasy is a sexual dream that can come true. It can if you make them reasonable. A realistic fantasy is one where you can envision yourself living out. If you can’t, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. There’s nothing wrong with modifying your fantasies to fit the real world. Actually, it’s quite logical.

Trading Places

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Dress You Up – You’re in a strange position that you never thought you’d be in. Your partner wants you to dress up as someone of the opposite sex. Should you be alarmed that they’re having homosexual fantasies? The quick answer is no. The truth is, they may not be having homosexual fantasies at all. They just want to do a little role playing. They may want to see you wearing something different. It could be something as simple as that.

roleplaying, role playing, fantasy, crossdressing, gender bending

Role Playing – Can it harm your relationship to live out gender bending fantasies? No. Actually, you might find your relationship stronger afterwards. Your partner will feel that they can come to you with any fantasy that they have. No matter how strange it may seem at the time. It very well could be a phase they’re going through. Living out the fantasy may get it out of their system and you can then move onto something else. The only caveat to all this is if you notice your partner watching a lot of homosexual porn. You may even notice them paying close attention to people of the same sex while out and about. If this is the case, it very well could be more than just a fantasy.

roleplaying, role playing, fantasy, crossdressing, gender bending

What Are The Risks? – The only real danger of this sort of thing is adultery. The risk of heartache and disease is real when people stray away from their relationship. As long as adultery isn’t in the mix, gender bending fantasies are okay. In fact, they’re quite healthy. You might as well put on a fake mustache and go down on your man. There’s no reason why he can’t put on a bra or wear some high heel shoes. If nothing else, the two of you very well could get a laugh out of it.

Sharing Your Fantasy

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Trying Something New – You’ve got a new fantasy that you want to live out. There’s just one thing getting in the way of you living out that fantasy. That one thing is your partner. It’s not uncommon for people to stumble upon strange things these days. You may discover something totally new at a porn site or, it may just come to you out of the blue. What one person calls strange in the sack another may think is normal. Strange is a relative term and there’s no way to determine what is or what isn’t. You know your partner and what they will probably think of as being strange. You more than likely also know what they’re willing to do in the sack.

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Open To New Ideas – It’s those pesky gray areas that are difficult to navigate. How do you break it to your partner that you want to try something out of the ordinary? The best way is to do so as plainly as possible. You don’t want to present it in a way that scares them. You may even bring along a visual aid or two to help describe what your new found fantasy is. Always try to present things in a way that doesn’t seem too foreign. People will more than likely say no if they find whatever it is that you want to do as being too strange. Your likelihood of living out the fantasy depends mostly on presentation.

fantasy, sexual fantasy, variety

Combating Boredom – Spicing up what happens in the bedroom is a great way to prevent boredom. Being bored sexually can have as negative of an impact as not having sex frequently enough. Arousal is key to feeling sexually happy and fulfilled. Don’t be shy when it comes to telling your partner about your newly discovered fantasy. Living them out will increase your bond and strengthen the relationship as a whole.

The Importance Of Sexual Fantasy

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.


From Fantasy To Reality – The importance of living out fantasies can’t be overstated. It’s the very thing that keeps your sex life exciting. It can be easy for sex to become dull and boring. Anyone that’s been with a partner for more than a few months knows that this is the case. It’s why you’re going to want to find new ways to keep everything fresh. A long lasting relationship can only be so if the sex is great. It’s when sex becomes dull and boring that people step outside of the relationship. This is the real danger of allowing your sex life to become dull. Both men and women have sexual needs and often times they’ll do whatever it takes to get them met. Even if it means being in the arms of someone else.


Be Direct About What You Want – The first thing you need to do when living out your fantasies is to communicate them. This means you’re going to need an open line of communication with your partner. You’re both adults and should be able to talk about sex. There’s no need to sugar coat things. Being open and blunt about your fantasies will only ensure that you actually get to live them out. Having to tell your partner what you want in some kind of code will only make it next to impossible to achieve.


Try Some Costumes – Allow yourself to be creative when it comes to your fantasies. Don’t be afraid to act out roles and even wear costumes. It’s not out of the question to wear wigs or even fake tattoos. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can live out. That’s as long as you’re creative and allow each other to be honest when communicating what your sexual fantasies are. Don’t be shy and always tell your partner when you’ve got a new fantasy. You never know, they may be as excited as you are after hearing about it.

Tell Me A Dirty Story

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Tell Me A Story – Erotic fiction is one of the oldest masturbation enhancement tools going. Television has been around less than 100 years, movies just a bit longer, photographs less than 200 years. Before porn as most people know it, you had a couple of options to make your “alone time” a bit more stimulating, erotic art, which was not in high circulation, or erotica. Also not in terribly high circulation, but if you had a talent for writing, something you could write down yourself and then revisit later, when you felt like being naughty, you had some masturbation material.


Erotic Fiction – Painting pictures with your words is not a talent that everyone has. Many people are simply not gifted as writers to put their thoughts on paper and make them sound appealing and interesting. Good erotic fiction writers can make the pages smolder of the dirty books. They can get your loins warm and wet, your cock hard and throbbing, all with words, which set off a mini movie in our minds of the action we are reading about. Masturbation before widely available porn was a trial for many! Most of human history obviously. Today’s generation of 25 year olds and less take the internet for granted, porn, pics, erotic literature is just a few clicks away.


Sex Stories – Many fantasies and stories, countless millions of them, are now available on any topic, any fetish, no matter how naughty you desire. Some people are too shy to record their fantasies, for fear of being judged. Most fantasies never will come to be a reality, they are the dark corners of our mind revealed, and many times it can be easier to write things down for some than to express them verbally. Lots of fantasies we have are best left in the realm of just that, our mind. Really making most of them happen wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly live up to the expectation we have made it to be. And for ones that have sexual fantasies that would be illegal if we made them a reality, those likely are most certainly best left in the corners of our mind or a story we write about them.