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You Don’t Want To Know………..

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You Like What?! – What do you do if you find a new partner and learn they have some weird fetish? Many times it’s better if a fetish is kept under your hat unless you’re pretty sure they share it too. It can make it pretty weird and there’s no going back. I seriously do not think I could deal if I walked in on a boyfriend and he was wearing ladies lingerie, heels and makeup kind of thing. I know it’s harmless, but I’d never look at them the same way again and it would be the end, not a doubt.


Secret Desires – Many people hide their fetishes from their partners since it’s just easier to do so than to rock the boat. Men hiding makeup kits in their car, using vegetables as dildos, all because they are afraid of getting caught by their wives or girlfriends. Panties and lingerie are very popular among fetish for men and lots have items like this hidden away. If your girlfriend saw a pair of size 13 red stilettos, what do you think she would say? To me it would be worse than if you had shoes hidden away that belonged to your girlfriend on the sly than to think *horrors* they were yours!


Hidden Kink – Different things turn on different people and some of the fetishes and perversions out there are astounding, and many simply cannot deal with a partner being into stuff that makes them feel uncomfortable or that they themselves do not understand. Some are so engulfed in their fetish it would be difficult to stop them entirely, so they just drive them underground and hide them. Sometimes secrets are not a bad thing, and you wish you could forget some things you found out about as it can irreparably damage things between the two of you.