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Sex And Guilt

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“Thou shalt not put instrument of the devil (phone) to thy ear whilst manipulating thy genitals for lascivious purposes.” – Sharon Somers


You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me – Now it goes without saying I’m an atheist, I have little use for ones living their lives by a book of fairy tales and imaginary sky fathers, it’s quite laughable to me and I’ve seen the lives and families torn asunder by religion. I’ve often thought that animals in a great many ways have more sense than people. They don’t get down on their knees and pray to an imaginary being, they don’t feel guilty for mating, it’s just part of them, part of their instinct, they just do it and get on with life. Yet they interact with each other, have a pecking order, they get along fine without a lot of the nonsense that people seem to need to incorporate into their lives.


Get Your Heads Examined – If one can look at the above picture and not get just how absurd some of us people are, I don’t know what to tell you. That some parents terrify their children into thinking they will go insane or blind from touching their own bodies, well not so much now, but in the past, less than 100 years ago. And even now in today’s world, female genital mutilation is continuing on in many cultures because they wish to dissuade their daughters from lustful, dirty thoughts, fantasies and actions. Cut off their clit, problem solved, she has no sexual pleasure, so she will remain chaste. Sickening.


Religion Is A Societal Control Device – I have had guys I chat with tell me they feel guilty for masturbating, that they feel it’s sinful. I ask them if they feel guilty if they are tired or hungry or thirsty, of course not they reply, so why feel guilty if you are horny? It’s just as natural to be horny as tired, or hungry, or thirsty, they are all biological drives. It’s sad how so many have been brainwashed by religion. I recall a Mormon I talked to, he and the lady he married had never had sex or even spoken of it before they wed, and he learned after she didn’t like sex, and he was told she’d never, ever be doing oral, and she made him feel dirty and guilty when she caught him watching porn and masturbating, yet she wouldn’t do anything to help him. I just shook my head and told him to get out before they had kids, but of course he wouldn’t shame his family with a divorce. It’s so sad to live in a self made prison. Let yourself out and let yourself be free. Masturbate and have sex and enjoy it. Don’t live by a repressive thought process bought into by the weak minded.