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Let’s Be Sociable

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Socialize Online – Lots of people just don’t have friends in their “real lives.” They might be shy, misanthropes, all kinds of reasons, but online they find it a lot easier to get along with others and make friends. Sure your “online friends” might not be at your hospital bed side if something is wrong, they may not even ever find out your last name, but they can make life a lot more bearable for some of us. Especially those of us with no sexual outlets or partners otherwise.


Masturbation Partners – Adult virgins often flock to adult social networks, since they simply aren’t getting any action in real life and online connections are easier to find. They might not be able to get lucky and find someone to go home with at their friends party, but they can go in an adult chatroom and find a cyber sex partner. It’s safe, it’s harmless, it’s free and it might be the only intimacy they are getting, so it might mean a lot to them.


Adult Social Network – An adult social networking site has all sorts of things available to you to hook up with people of similar mindsets that wouldn’t always be easy to find in the real world. The ease of having a profile page with all your sexual likes and dislikes right there for anyone to read about before they even contact you. Imagine the time that would save in the real world if people knew right away what your kinks were and were not. Profile pages, forums, chat rooms, inbox messages, all easy ways to find people that you might have a lot of fun masturbating with.

Relax And Have Some Fun

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My Secret Life – Many people that are looking for all sorts of online fun are a bit cautious about taking things anywhere off of the site. I have seen many profiles on many sites with text saying they ONLY chat there, no need to ask for their Yahoo, Skype, phone number, etc. I guess some people have their reasons for being so cautious, bad experiences what have you. I’ve spoken to over a half dozen guys that have been blackmailed over the years, but if they use their real full names as their ID’s, they shouldn’t be too shocked. Some caution is good, giving your full name to someone 5 minutes after you find them, isn’t always the best idea.


Common Sense – Sadly as many of us know, common sense isn’t common. People often come to chat sites like this in a state of horniness that is so great, so overpowering, that their common sense has gone out the window the blood that normally flows to their brains has ventured further South to their naughty bits which are in dire need of attention. You wouldn’t normally go shopping for groceries when you’re starving and haven’t eaten all day, would you? Likely not, yet many come to sites like this in that condition. To be an effective hunter you need to have a plan and effective trap. Think of it as a pussy trap, or a cock catcher, though cocks are plentiful and easy to get in most cases, particularly if you aren’t choosy and are just looking for a one off ships passing in the night encounter.


Carefully Laid Plans – They can often be the most effective when thought out thoroughly you know what you want and have laid that out for others to see if they want what you want. Maybe the paranoid ones can find each other, the more carefree ones can find each other, and everyone be happy and satisfied. There are satisfying partners out there, you just have to know where to find them and be smart about it. We wish everyone here to find the masturbation partners of their dreams and have many satisfying orgasms together, that’s the goal!

Cold Weather, Hot Cock

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Hot Chat On A Cold Day- The weather outside might be cold, but the hot chat at Climax Connection will be sure to make those orgasms come fast and furious if you’re seeking some new masturbation partners for the long, cold winter ahead! Adult chat rooms are the perfect place to be looking for free phone sex, cam sex and cyber sex partners on, and what better time than winter to heat things up? Most of us spend a lot more time indoors in the winter months, and some hot chat is just the ticket to keep warm.


Baby It’s Cold Outside – Snuggling in bed with a lover and cumming all day long would be a wonderful way to while the afternoon away, but sadly not all of us are lucky enough to have a lover, so we have to make due with masturbation. A masturbation community is where we self loving perverts, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, seeing as I’m a fellow masturbator as well, it’s where we find each other and exchange our naughty fantasies and experiences, and live vicariously through others that may have more experience than ourselves. There’s actually a much higher percentage than one would imagine on sites like this of adult virgins.


My Loins Are Plenty Warm – Your hard cock and dripping pussy are just craving for your hand to start to caress them and pump them. Warm yourself up in the best possible way. Find some of our erotic audios and erotic short stories to enjoy as you get yourself off with. Masturbation is fun and we all love it, or we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Variety For Your Masturbation Routine

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Wild Women – Lots of people think an adult site like this one is mainly for guys, primarily a sausage fest. On many sites that is true yes. We here are proud to have such an equal ratio of men to women. It’s actually only around 5% more men, which for a social site is fairly rare. The feminine color scheme and the fact that it is solely female owed and operated may perhaps make the ladies feel more welcome. We know women can have just as high of a sex drive as men. Lots of ladies here like to play with other ladies as well.


Masturbation Acceptance – People these days don’t think anything of masturbating, especially on a site like this, after all, masturbation is the basis of the website! Stories to masturbate with, or the chat rooms to find masturbation partners in. Even though the internet didn’t exist 30 years ago, imagine if it did, people were much more embarrassed and ashamed to admit that they masturbated than now, so be glad things have become more liberal sexually today than ever before, but we still have a long ways to go. Some young people especially are embarrassed. It’s a shame more don’t understand the sex drive is a normal one just like thirst or hunger.


Perverts Paradise – This is said in jest obviously, I know most here aren’t perverts, well, some are for sure but not all! Adding variety to your sex life is important and keeps things interesting for you. Variety is not only important with sex with a partner, but for your solo fun as well. The same old routine can get boring. Finding new partners to masturbate with, new erotic short stories to read, all of that can spice things up for yourself. So expand your circle of masturbation partners. Being exclusive is boring, no matter how fantastic they are. Even steak every night gets boring.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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Colder Than A Witch’s Tit – With much of North America in a deep freeze of unprecedented proportions, there’s one sure thing we can do to warm up, and that’s have sex or masturbate! Cam sex, cyber sex and phone sex are all guaranteed to raise your temperature and make you forget the blizzard like conditions that are persisting outside with the Polar Vortex we have all been experiencing. It might be colder outside than we can tolerate, but we will keep ourselves toasty warm inside as we crank up the heat and rub our naughty bits.


Freezing Your Nuts Off – Masturbation is good any time of year, but can be a bit uncomfortable during the sticky months of summer, even with air conditioning. Cuddling with your honey, if you’re lucky enough to have one, will make you feel all warm and fuzzy for sure, as well as all sexy! Get some circulation back in those balls of yours by rubbing them as you talk to your online fun partner, or maybe even show her on cam. Trust me, the cold weather outside will be the last thing on your mind once you start stroking your cock for her and showing her what you’ve got.


Winter Warm Up – One thing many men enjoy about the ladies in cold weather is of course their visibly hardened nipples. Cold does have some advantages after all! Masturbation alone is good for sure, but with a partner you can find online, it’s even more arousing to share that orgasm with someone that you find equally arousing and sexy. No need for winter to get you down, hit the chat rooms or inbox people, or post in the forums to find some online fun partners today!