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Dress Me Up, Lover

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lingerie, costume, dress up

Put A Little Something On – Here’s a unique idea that very well could improve your sex life. Don’t be surprised by the results of this little experiment. You may discover something about your partner that’s totally unexpected. Take your partner shopping with you. You’re going to want to buy something very specific. Ask your partner to pick out one outfit or item of clothing that they think is sexy. This will be something only for the bedroom. It can be as kinky as you want it to be. Maybe, it won’t be kinky at all.

lingerie, costume, dress up

Dress You Up – This is the interesting thing about the experiment. We all have an idea what our partner finds sexy. That doesn’t mean we actually know what they find sexy. This will give you an opportunity to find out what they think is in fact sexy. Keep in mind this isn’t an outfit that you’re going to wear outside. This is an outfit or article of clothing meant for the bedroom only. It can be a short little skirt or those tight underwear for men that Europeans like to wear. It will be interesting to find out what your partner is turned on by. Sex can often become routine. This is never good. It’s healthy to spice things up. You’d be surprised by how big of an impact just one outfit can have. Arousal is a two way street. You’ll become more aroused when your partner is.

lingerie, costume, dress up

You Wear It Well – Your sexual enjoyment will be greatly increased when they’re turned on. Use your imagination. Buy something for your partner that they normally wouldn’t wear. Let them do the same thing for you. Just remember that it’s not for every day wearing. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable in something that’s too skimpy. No one is going to see it other than you and your partner. Knowing this should ease your mind. Be playful and have fun in the bedroom. It’ll go a long ways in improving the quality of sex you and your partner enjoy.

Silks & Satins For My Lover

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.


Spicing Things Up – Let’s be honest for just a minute. Sex can get stale and it does in every relationship. Every relationship starts out white out and then it fizzles down. It’s going to happen to you if it hasn’’t already. Couples go through peaks and valleys when sex is great and it isn’’t. The first valley is always the worst. That’s because you won’t know how to handle it. You may even think your partner is cheating on you. A dry spell is normal and it shouldn’t freak you out. It should only cause alarm if it’s a consistent thing.


Look Pretty For Your Man – What you need to do is find ways to get each other in the mood for sex. Lingerie can play a big part in this. No man can turn down a woman that’s looking sexy. Just like a man can’t turn down a big juicy steak. Men are programmed a certain way and nothing is going to change that. It doesn’t matter how tired he is or how bad of a mood he’s in. Lingerie will do the trick each and every time.


Look Sexy For Your Lady – Guys, you can dress sexy too. It’s not only the women that can wear sexy outfits. You can buy a pair of leopard print underwear to drive her crazy. Women, find out what your guy likes to see. You don’t need to take them to the lingerie store. You can show your guy a lingerie site and have him pick something out. You can then buy it online or go to the store and buy it in person. Getting his feedback will go a long ways in making sure that he’s excited by what you buy.