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Sex Sounds For Auditory Titillation

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The Sounds Of Sex – Some people find auditory porn a lot more arousing than visual porn. Some visually impaired people are not able to enjoy porn in the normal ways, so they have to find something that can help them enjoy their masturbation without being dependent on their eyes. Erotic audios are perfect for them. They can lay back and relax and allow their minds eye to paint the pictures the one narrating the audio is describing. Some erotic audios are sex sounds of ones that recorded their personal masturbation session. Others are of one reading an erotic short story.


Moans & Groans – Many of us hear other people having sex before we witnessed it, and that very sexy sound of everything from moaning and groaning to a squeaky mattress can be very arousing in and of itself. I recall with pleasure one of my phone partners that could hear my mattress squeak as I masturbated for him and he said, “I want you to make your mattress squeak for me!” The sounds of pleasure are many, that gasp of breath, that scream of orgasm, for some that wetness and squishy sound of a woman’s wet pussy as it’s being rubbed or having a toy plunged in and out of it is very sexual.


Breathe For Me – Breathing can be oh so sexy, the catch of the breath in the throat of one cumming or about to, the quickened pace as they approach orgasm. The post orgasmic panting as you try and catch your breath. it can be enough to make you dripping without even one picture or video. Many people think phone sex is somehow dead or dying with the proliferation of webcams, but there will always be fans of the erotic, natural sounds of sex , no pictures required. Erotic audios can capture these sounds for ones to enjoy over and over. There will always be fans of the sounds of pleasure.

Porn For Your Ears

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I Like The Sounds Of That – It’s a proven fact that visual porn desensitizes you and makes it harder to cum or get aroused if you indulge in it too much. Audio stimulation does not seem to fit into the same overload for the senses and is very natural to listen to, even if it’s over the phone during phone sex, or by listening to an erotic audio of sex sounds.


Music To My Ears – Many women are quite vocal during sexual encounters and when they orgasm. Lots of times if you’re at hotels and can overhear a couple having sex, it’s not the man’s voice you overhear, it’s the woman’s. It’s a very primal sound that many anthropologists claim was originally for the purpose of alerting nearby men to the fact that there was a female in a sexually receptive state and within earshot of them, so if they followed the sound they too might get lucky! I doubt the woman at The Holiday Inn is hooting and hollering with female orgasm sounds to expect a line outside her door for her to service after, but it’s a carry over of a very ancient reflex. Even now, many animals emit mating calls to alert potential mates.


Sex Sounds – Some people that are too private to show pics of themselves or go on cam, might be perfectly happy to make erotic audio recordings of themselves for others to enjoy and listen to or engage in phone sex with other members they may meet here on climaxconnection for mutual masturbation fun. All you need to do is close your eyes and listen to the audios to enhance your masturbation routine. So check out our audios section and listen to some sex sounds, or a sexy story being read and get off hard tonight!

Listen To Me

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Make Love To Me With Your Words – Phone sex is one of the most erotic ways that someone can masturbate. Until you have masturbated with another person, you truly have no clue what you are missing. I cannot sing the praises of phone sex and erotic audio enough. So many people today are into watching porn, but there’s no doubt that watching it a lot desensitizes you, this is a fact. The type of interaction you get while having phone sex and listening to sex sounds is not only a more natural way to get aroused, but can be much more fulfilling once you get used to it.


Arousal For The Visually Impaired – There are several blind or visually impaired people that have contacted me over the years that are very turned on by audio recordings of people having sex, and other types of erotic audio recordings. These people cannot watch porn, so they turn to the auditory porn they can enjoy and get off to. To them sounds are everything when vision is not an option. Due to amazing computer programs now available for the blind, they too can enjoy adult chat sites like Climax Connection and go in the chat and participate and search for fun as well.


Listen To Me – Even many of us with perfect vision are simply not turned on by porn, it just seems fake and contrived and not for everyone. How many of us have been in a hotel and heard someone in the next room going at it and pressed our ear against the wall trying to hear even better, visualizing in our own mind what was going on because of what we could hear? A good number, I’d venture. For many of us, hearing sex sounds was something we encountered long before seeing our first porn. Hearing your parents, or sibling with their partner for many would be their first exposure to sex and for some of us, it’s still a very arousing thing to hear others in the throes of passion, even if we can’t see a thing going on other than in our minds eye.

Erotic Audio Recordings & Phone Sex

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Erotic Audio Recordings – Sex sounds of other people can indeed be very sexually stimulating. For some people, hearing another in the throes of orgasm is much more erotic than watching porn of the same thing. Many men are very visual and unless they are watching, they really won’t be aroused much. Some however such as visually impaired people cannot enjoy porn, so audio stimulation is all that they have in the way of audio or visual arousal. Even ones with perfect vision are often not aroused by porn and find audio far sexier.


Sex Sounds – Imagine for a moment people halfway around the world getting turned on by your sex sounds. The sounds you make as you masturbate or the sounds you and your sex partner produce together. That’s pretty amazing that people so far away can be turned on by the way you sound, your breathing, your moans, your orgasmic screams of ecstasy as you pleasure yourself and cum.


Phone Sex – Not everyone is comfortable enough to have full on phone sex, yet they love another’s sexy voice. Some are just too shy or don’t know what to say at all. I can promise you, there can be plenty hot phone sex even with very minimal speaking. Moaning and breathing is very sexually arousing in and of itself, and is very natural to hear during such times of pleasure. Think about it. What is more natural to have happen during actual sex, listening to natural moaning and breathing sounds from another person, or watching some fake, produced porn? No question. So many people have outright desensitized themselves by watching porn, yet I doubt too many have become numb from listening to another moan and breathe sexily on the other end of the phone. Phone sex and erotic audios-the more natural choice! They can enhance your masturbation experience a great deal, and we hope you find some that will make you happy here at Climax Connection.

Aural Pleasures

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Sex Sounds For You – Visual porn not for everyone, for some it’s just mechanical, fake and crude. Audio can be honest, arousing and genuine. For ones aroused by sounds over visuals, and many times visually impaired people are big fans of erotic audios, the heavy breathing, panting and moaning of another in the throes of orgasm, or someone with a sexy voice telling an erotic story is better than any porn video.


Ohhhh, You Sound Hot – The right kinds of sounds can make you hard or wet within mere seconds. Some do love the body rubbing, wet pussy squishy sounds, or a hard cock being rubbed with a well lubed hand, some like those body rubbing sounds. Must be awful to be deaf and never know such erotic sounds your lover could make when you play their body like a musical instrument. You don’t need to actually be with a lover to enjoy their sounds, phone sex and long distance lovers go a long way to enhance our masturbation.


Tell Me A Story – Some boys never outgrow the love of being told a bedtime story. When they get older though, it’s usually a hot story to listen to as they masturbate when they can’t find someone to phone with, or just to get aroused and highly turned on. Couples can even use erotic audios to enhance their lovemaking, quite a different choice than your soothing jazz many would choose. Almost like a different kind of threesome. So lay back, close your eyes, and relax as you listen to the sexy sounds and stories of another.