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Overcoming Sexual Shyness

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Are You Shy – Many people that come to a site like this one seeking masturbation partners are not the most socially skilled. Some are fine and have no problems attracting mates, but others for many and varied reasons don’t do so well with interacting with he opposite sex. Some are hung up with religion and won’t have sex outside of marriage, others are very shy and only feel comfortable expressing themselves in an anonymous manner, others still are just in some way awkward and have slipped through the cracks of normal social milestones. Online fun is a good answer for these people.


Socially Awkward People Have Sexual Needs Too – Some men that may not easily attract women may turn to escorts for sexual release. This is a good answer for many of them, and there should be no stigma about paying for sex. It’s not a shortcut, or a failure. Sexual services are just that, services, entertainment, and you pay for entertainment, whether it’s paid phone sex or an escort you are with in person. Not everyone can afford an escort every night, or even every week, but when seeking sexual release, online fun such as free phone sex, cam sex, or cyber sex will absolutely make your masturbation more enjoyable than alone.


Don’t Masturbate Alone – Once you have shared an orgasm with another person, via real sex or on the phone, you will soon see how much better of an experience it is with someone than alone. Humans are for the most part social creatures and enjoy sharing everything from orgasms to their meals. It can be very lonely if you don’t have that on a regular basis, and online fun is simply more reachable for many people than in person. Sometimes starting to play with others online might be the stepping stone you need to begin an actual relationship with someone. Build your confidence in baby steps. Online fun of course is for many people, not just socially awkward ones, but sites like this do tend to attract ones with shyness issues in real life more than others.

If You Build It, They Will Come….(Or Should I Say Cum?)

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If you have been looking for a good quality adult community to belong to, Climax Connection is the one you have been searching for. Whether it’s adult chat, erotic stories, erotic mp3 recordings, cyber sex, free phone sex or cam sex, this is where you should be setting up a profile page and joining in the forums and adult chat rooms.


Decent adult community websites are pretty few and far between. Some just provide stale chat programs, where users can’t get in, or they boot users due to glitches. Other adult communities are good but just not that well known about. Shortly after joining two other such adult communities, I saw the problems and also the potential. The potential for a really good site. A site created by someone that was creating it out of love, and out of need. Not out for nothing but profit.


I knew that I had to the be the one to create such a website. That I was the perfect one to have the vision, the determination and the drive to bring such a site to life for the betterment of adult communities online as a whole. I wanted to be the one to do it and do it right. Climax Connection aims to be the best adult community website out there. I know it won’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have worked hard to make this the site that ones will come to and find the sorts of online fun they are so desperately searching for at other adult community websites they have been dissatisfied with.

Adult Virgins Online

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Naughty But Nice – There are so many horny, lonely individuals out there. Online chat rooms can be the only outlet for many of them. Socially and sexually. I have chatted with countless people over the last few years and there are a surprising number of adult virgins that are online looking for a connection of one kind or another. I have found them not to be pitiful, ugly weirdos as some might suspect. Many are painfully shy, some just socially awkward, throw in a few religious ones that are afraid of the Lord, and you have a collection of adult virgins. They find it difficult to make real life connections, yet online they find it within reach. To get phone sex, cyber sex, cam sex. It’s safe, it’s reachable, no real life repercussions or consequences.


Maintaining Your Purity – When I first started using adult chat rooms a few years ago, the first few times guys I was chatting with revealed they were adult virgins, I just assumed it was a coincidence. Then I very quickly realized well over 20% of the ones I was chatting with were a pattern quickly arose. One wouldn’t think adult virgins would be gravitating towards naughty adult chat rooms, but then it just as quickly made sense to me. The safety, the comfort, the being more free and able to be your real self from the safety of being behind your computer screen. I find it ironic in one way so many people lie online and exaggerate things. It can be so much more freeing to be your real, true self than you might be a bit more reluctant to in real life. It can be liberating to a degree you wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

Horny Virgins – I came to computers and online life and chat rooms later in life, and it’s opened an entire world to me. For some, it’s like they came alive when they came online. There are many adult virgins seeking to be like everyone else, and perhaps in real life that is currently just too much of a challenge, but online, it is indeed reachable.