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Lick My Ass, You Dirty Bastard

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You Want Me To Do What? – You’ve got a big time dilemma on your hands. Your partner wants you to give them a rim job. Yes, they actually want you to lick their asshole! What do you do? What you don’t do is freak out. It’s natural for someone to want their asshole licked. You’ve probably wanted your poop chute licked a time or two before. If this is the case, then you can identify with the desire.

ass, ass licking, analingus, rim job

Scrub Up Well – How do you go about licking an asshole? The first thing you’re going to want to do is to ask your partner to wash themselves. There’s nothing worse than a stinky asshole. Keep in mind you’re going to be face deep in that ass. You’re going to want it to be as clean as possible. That’s why a good scrubbing is necessary before you get to work on it. Be creative and enjoy the asshole. Lick around the opening. You may even want to open the asshole a little and lick inside it. This is something that experienced rim job performers may enjoy more. Don’t push yourself too fast. After all, this is your very first time getting up close and personal with an asshole. Don’t be surprised if you gag a few times. It’s only natural. You’ll get used to the idea of licking an asshole after awhile.

ass, ass licking, analingus, rim job

Spread ‘Em – Both men and women enjoy having their asshole licked. It’s something that you can do to each other. Does the idea of licking an asshole freak you out? If it does, simply tell that to your partner. Great sex comes from having open and unrestricted lines of communication. They should fully understand if you don’t want to put your tongue where the sun doesn’t shine.

Prostate Stimulation – Is It For You?

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Can I Touch You There? – Let’s talk about prostate stimulation. Many guys enjoy it. This is when a finger or a toy is inserted in a guy’s asshole. Yes, we’re talking about the asshole. A man doesn’t have to be gay to enjoy the feeling of something going in and out of his asshole. Remember, it’s about more than just the asshole itself. What your guy is enjoying is having his prostate stimulated. There’s nothing gay or wrong about it. It’s a common thing and shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. A finger up the asshole is all it takes.


Come Here – You’ll want to do it in a “come here” type of motion. A curled finger is what will feel the best. What you’re trying to do is find the prostate. You’ll know that you’ve found it when you’re touching something that’s about the size of a walnut. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find it the first time. Are you freaked out about sticking your finger up a guy’s asshole? Don’t be. Don’t forget that you can and should wash your hands later. Stimulating the prostate during oral sex will send your guy into blast off mode. It’ll create pleasure like nothing else can.

prostate, prostate massage, sex toy

Up Yours – Butt plugs and dildos are made specifically for prostate stimulation. You can easily find them at  sex toy shops online or at your local adult bookstore. Do your research and find the right one. Generally speaking, any dildo or vibrator that’s thin should do the trick. A costly, specially made toy isn’t necessary. Though, if you’ve got the extra money to spend, it can be a wise investment. Your guy will enjoy having his prostate stimulated by a high quality state of the art toy that will produce a level of pleasure that neither of you will forget any time soon.

Bend Over, Honey

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.



Are You Gay? – Your guy wants you to fuck him in the ass with a strap on dildo. What exactly does that mean? Simply put, it means he wants you to fuck him in the ass with a strap on dildo. Women for some reason freak out at this request and wonder if they’re partner is gay. The truth is, a guy doesn’t have to be gay to enjoy anal stimulation.


The Male G Spot – The prostate is back there and it feels great when stimulated. Your man is gay or at least bisexual if he wants a man to do it. It’s by no means gay in the slightest for your man to want you to do that to him. It’s not uncommon for women to have concerns about this topic when their man wants to be anally stimulated. Why does he want you to fuck him in the ass while wearing a big fat cock? It’s the same reason why you like doggy style. It’s simply a position and that’s it. Don’t fear the fact that he wants to take it from behind while on all fours. In fact, you may even find it exciting. Finally you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to have doggy style sex from the other position.


Fuck Like A Man – You’ll get to experience it almost as if you were a man. Generally speaking guys just don’t come right out and ask you to fuck them in the ass. It may start out with a finger up the rear or maybe even a dildo. Don’t be surprised by any of those or even a strap on. The bottom line is, you’re man isn’t gay. What your man wants is someone to pound the living daylights out of his ass. Just feel good that he wants the person to do that to be you!

Backdoor Bonanza

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.


Elbows Down, Ass Up – Every guy wants to have anal sex and every girl is afraid of it. Especially those that have never done it before. It’s understandable that any woman would think twice about getting her back door knocked on by a big, fat stranger. Every couple should try anal sex at least once. Here we’re going to give you some tips to make sure anal sex is fun for both people involved.


Relaxation Is The Key – The very first thing you’re going to want to do is calm down. When you’re nervous your asshole tightens up. That’s not a pretty way of stating it, but it’s the truth. Maybe have a drink or two before trying anal sex for the first time. You may also consider doing some breathing exercises before taking the big plunge. The bottom line is, you’re going to want to be calm. Nothing good is going to come out of being tense and nervous. The only thing that will do is cause you plenty of pain.


There Can’t Be To Much Lube – Don’t be skimpy on the lube. Make sure that cock is greased up real good. This isn’t a time to be a penny pincher. Wasting a little lube is okay in the long run. Just make sure that the cock glistens in the light. That’s the way you know there’s plenty of lube on his man meat. Guys, you should beat off earlier in the day before having anal sex. You’re going want to take it nice and easy back there. The best way of doing that is to not be overly excited. You’ll want to pound that ass hard if you’re too worked up.


Don’t Knock It Before You’ve Tried It – Following these tips will ensure that anal sex is a real good time. Both of you’ll enjoy it and maybe even do it again. This is why you guys want to be gentle and lubed up properly. You always have to think of the next time. What you’re hoping for is that there will be a next time. The best way to ensure that is if you’re not rough and she actually enjoys anal sex.

Lick My Ass, You Dirty Bastard!

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Kiss My Ass – Some find a great deal of pleasure from ass licking and rimming. You used to call someone an ass kisser and it was not a compliment or about what they were willing to do sexually, it was an insult about them kissing up to someone for personal or likely professional gain. Now it’s considered a fairly common sexual act by man. Not everyone is interested in this anal delight, but some want it badly.


Lick My Booty Or Hit The Road – Recently I heard of a guy that broke up with his girlfriend because she was always pressuring him to do this and he just was not interested in it and it ended things. You need to make sure both parties are interested in engaging in such an activity and not make them uncomfortable if they are not interested in it. Someone should not make a sexual act a deal breaker if their partner is uncomfortable with it. If it’s that important to you, maybe you need a different partner more of like mind.


Sensitive Tissues – Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self lubricating, and plenty, even what one might consider too much lube, is needed. For rimming saliva is likely what’s being used as lube and the thousands of sensitive nerve endings are going to be pleasurable for many people. The ick factor is also for many going to not even have this sexual delicacy on their menu of treats. If you want to bury your face into the ass of your lover and lick away, be my guest. Some like swirling motions, others go for the full on tongue fuck and penetration, it just depends on what you desire and what your partner is comfortable with. Know the risks, this is not a risk free habit.