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How To Date A Stripper and Be Okay With it

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Let’s be honest. Strippers are usually one of the most beautiful women you can ever meet. They have to be because that’s what their line of work is all about. But you usually only meet them on the outside, and never know them on the inside. Hell, in some cases you’ll never know what their voice is like. And that is something you’ll have to work in, including rewiring your mindset.

You see, most men have a problem with being possessive. This is a no-no if you want to date a stripper. You’ll have to act differently than most men and get close to them letting them know you are not there to be a “regular” nor a customer, but a potential friend.

Rules on how to date a stripper are difficult to master, but if you are the type of man to be openminded and willing to try, it’ll be much easier.

Don’t Be Prejudiced

Even before you consider the idea of dating a stripper, you have to make an effort to be open-minded. Don’t think that just because they are in such a line of work, they must be promiscuous, or dumb. They are human beings, just like you, just with other circumstances in their lives. Most strippers do it because they need the money and nothing else. They see it as a performance, and in most cases, they are someone else when they are on the stage. That’s why the use stage names! And of course, for other safety reasons.

That’s why you have to be empathic about their circumstances. Some of them may be in a really bad situation where they are in need of money to support their families, or even their long-term goals. It’s very easy to judge someone without knowing them, but it is way better to offer the benefit of the doubt.

Understand Their Way of Life

You can’t expect to date a stripper thinking that you’ll change their way of life. They do get lots of attention from other men, and a part of the job is being able to use that attention to their advantage. If you can’t deal with this fact, you shouldn’t even consider the idea of dating one.

Find a Good Place

Not every club is a good option. Like this article says, you should try to find a gentleman oriented club for the best dating material. For example, a nameless club downtown filled with people doing drugs and drinking alcohol is not a good example.

You should find a place with a quiet environment where you feel comfortable, and find elegant, interesting women capable of holding a conversation. Not the ones wanting a gangster protecting them and buying them stuff.

Find an Opportunity by Showing Up Early

When a strip club opens, there’s usually no one around and strippers are either practicing, chilling or organizing themselves. That’s the best time to show up to get to talk to the one you fancy the most.

The best way to start a conversation is by being non-judgmental and kind. Most of the strippers are used to being treated badly by customers. Be sweet, listen to them, show interest in their line of work and their stories. Don’t look too much at their bodies, but their eyes and faces. Don’t compliment their bodies but their clothes, or their hair. Worry about their hobbies and what they like to do in their free time.
Make them feel like you care.

If you don’t know what to talk about, visit this website for a detailed guide:

Tip, But Don’t Be A Customer

Their time is money. That’s something you have to understand. If you get to talk to them, and they get on stage, make sure to tip them. The time she invested in you should be rewarded. But that doesn’t mean you should turn into a customer. If that relationship is created, she’ll never see you like something else but as a customer. Don’t get a lap dance from her, or any other stripper, to make her understand that you are there for her, and nothing else.

You should leave when things get too heated, to show respect for her and her coworkers. You don’t want to interfere in their work. You want to create an impression. If you get to the club, and they smile once you’ve arrived, you’ll know you’ve done a good job.


When things feel good, invite her out. Once you’ve built a relationship of friendship with her, you should try it out. If they say no, you should be understanding about it and move forward. After that, you’ll have to accept her as it she is. She’s not only a stripper, though, and understanding that will be highly appreciated.

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