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Pure Lust

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lust, desire, sexual desire, want

Lovely Lust – Many people feel that there’s something wrong with lust. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with lust. It’s actually a sign that you’re attracted to your partner. Yes, that’s the catch. Just like with everything in life, there is a catch. The lust you feel must be towards your partner. Not having a sexual desire for your partner is a very bad thing. It’s something that is a sign of bigger problems ahead.

lust, desire, sexual desire, want

Not In The Mood – What happens when there’s no sexual desire at all on behalf of you and or your partner? The early signs of a lack of desire must be addressed quickly. It’s not uncommon for all people to go through dry spells. The truth is, your partner may be hiding a health problem. They also could be too tired from their work or other daily activities. Absent a valid reason, the lack of desire is a very serious problem. Never overlook the lack of lust if it goes on for too long. It’s not natural to be around someone of the opposite sex that you find attractive and not have sexual desires.

lust, desire, sexual desire, want

Too Much Of A Good Thing – Can too much lust be a bad thing? Probably not if it’s geared toward your partner. A strong desire for sex is only a problem if it causes you to seek satisfaction outside of your relationship. Most people don’t want to be hounded all day long or treated like a piece of meat. Don’t overdo it and smother them with your sexual desires. Make sure that they know you’re attracted to them and filled with lust. Just knowing that will help you get more lucky more often.