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Abusive Online Relationships

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Be Strong And Say Goodbye – Long distance relationships today are more common than they were because of the internet. People can meet online that a couple of decades a go would never have met, but online chat rooms and websites bring people together that otherwise would never find each other. One thing that is sadly common in real life relationships is abuse, and you may think how can an online relationship be abusive? Yet it’s more common than you’d think. Abuse can happen in cyber and phone sex relationships as well. Some people we connect with online can be like a drug to us, we know they are bad for us, yet they are so seductive and we are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. There is an intensity to more extreme people that can be abusive and that intensity can be like a hit of heroin we can’t stay away from. Some of the sex can without a doubt be the hottest and most intense in an abusive situation, there’s a love/hate combo going on that  can make for very hot times.


Don’t Let Them Back In – It’s a lot easier to brush someone off online, after all, many times all we have is an email address or an online chat ID, maybe if phone sex was involved, a phone number. You can easily block a person’s ID so they can’t contact you, but if they are determined enough, they can create a new ID in a few minutes. Some people will keep going back at you to the point of harassment. What happens though when one person, the more trusting and kinder of the two, allows that person back in time after time, no matter how badly they may have been treated? You’d think how can they let themselves get sucked in time after time to the same ill treatment? Some of us are sadly gluttons for punishment indeed, and if we would tolerate that sort of behavior in real life, we likely would online as well.


You Deserve Better – Willpower is something you need to allow yourself to break free from an abusive online relationship. You always want to believe them, that they have changed, that they will no longer treat you badly, but the sad fact is, they do not want to change and that’s the hard part to accept. When you have seen how nice and sexy and sweet someone can appear and then you see their true colors, it can be hard to accept that the one we had feelings for, “the nice them”, doesn’t really exist and isn’t coming back. That is the mask they showed us at the beginning to suck us in with, not the true them, which is what we learn they really are. Predators aren’t always rapists or murderers, they can be people online that truly don’t care anything about you that seek to use you, harass you and make you feel bad, it’s nothing but a game to them. They are likely cowards who don’t have anyone in real life so find easy prey online they can manipulate for their own entertainment.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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broken heart

Please Don’t Hurt Me – So what do you do when one of your online fun partners gets more serious about you than you are about them or vice versa? It’s not a pleasant situation and I’ve been on both sides of this. Cam, phone sex and cybering are all important activities to the ones involved in them. Guys, and I assume gals, fall into different categories in our online play. Some are fun, like friends we play with, joke around with, but it never gets serious.


I Love You So Much – Friends like these though, it never gets intense and intensity, to some of us anyway, can be like that hit of heroin. Intensity is what makes us feel alive and crave more. Some partners can be like this, even ones that can be total nut jobs we’re better staying away from, they have a pull, a draw, and we can’t get enough. It’s a sad thing when one of you feels more deeply about the other, someone is bound to get hurt. Some want to meet in real life and when the other one doesn’t want to, you can feel very hurt and rejected by this person that has come to mean so much to you, and to them sadly they just view you as an online fun partner and nothing more.


It Felt So Real – I always remember one guy I chatted with that said he never phoned with a girl more than once because he “didn’t want them falling in love with him.” I recall laughing so hard thinking what a high opinion he had of himself to come to this bizarre way of thinking. Obviously he and many others wish to avoid drama, and emotional messiness which can sometimes result when feelings become involved. It is very, very cruel to ever lead anyone on and make them believe in any way something real and offline can result if you do not indeed feel that way, and several people I’ve known like to heighten things and make it seem like a possibility when in fact it’s just adding a further dimension of enjoyment to make it seem real.


You Broke My Heart – The more vulnerable party gets very badly emotionally crushed as a result. Be careful when someone hands you their heart. And sadly when things like this happen, and one gets hurt, you often lose the best masturbation partner you ever had because it can’t ever go back to being how it was before. The one doing the heartbreaking often feels badly they’ve hurt the other person, and the one pining away often feels so rejected and foolish they can’t enjoy the other person anymore.

The Next Best Thing

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clone a willy
I Need Your Cock – Does your boyfriend or husband go away a lot on business? Or do you have a long distance relationship with someone? Or maybe you play with with someone regularly online but will never get to meet them, but fantasize about their cock and how it would feel to have it inside of you since you’ll likely never get the real thing from them.

Man Masturbating #1

Take Masturbation To The Next Level – A kit like this is the perfect idea for you for all of those scenarios. You can get your man to make a clone of his own cock for you to enjoy in his absence. Imagine feeling the exact replica of their cock inside of you when they themselves are thousands of miles away! No generic store brand dildo for you, you can have their exact cock shape inside of you as you masturbate, perhaps while talking to them on the phone. What a hot phone sex date that would be, using their “cock” inside of you as you played together on cam or on the phone.


Sex Toys For Your Pussy – Online sex shops have thousands of different products featured on them, sure you can choose from tons of dildos out there, but wouldn’t one made from the guy you desire so much mean more than just any old toy? It would for sure, the thought of having the cock inside of you of your online lover you will never have for real is very exciting indeed. If you have thought of this, ask your online lover if they would considering making a duplicate of their cock for you to enjoy. I bet they will.

Online Relationships – Friends with Benefits

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This is the first guest blog submission by a ClimaxConnection member. This submission was written by member, YourMister_Dark. 


I Like You A Lot – Can you have online friends with benefits? Cyber fuck buddies ? Why not? One night hookups don’t really give you that deeper thrill, do they? It might be great once, but so is making sweet cyber love with someone you actually converse with regularly.


Cyber Sex – Relationships are in a flux these days with people carving our ways to satisfy their various wants and needs and – while it can be really good – sometimes the connection gets a bit too much. It’s not that you’re not committed, but the long run can get to be too much. I’m not talking players here who jump ship after one night of getting off, but people you frequently chat with, that you’ve shared laughs with, that are nice and good people. So why not cyber with them sometimes, too? If the moods mesh and the time feels right, we can all slip into that sudden or friendly intimacy that leads to fun and caring cyber sex . Without, I might add, all the drama that can seep into and kill those good feelings.


That’s What Friends Are For – Admittedly, this type of relationship is not for everyone. Some people’s emotions just can’t adapt to a laissez-faire thing.  And many people say that sex ruins friendships, but consider why that happens: jealousy and possessiveness or feelings of being taken for granted and loss of respect.


You’re The One That I Want – But really, those are old school attitudes and sometimes even immature. When you’re an adult, you come to realize that “the One” can be a dream that reality doesn’t manage all that well. In a lifetime, there can be many “Ones” with whom you share some intimate moments as well as fun times. And sexy times, too.


Cyber Slut – In cyber world, there really are no “slut walks of shame” unless you allow there to be. I also expect that many chatters and members of this site already have some experience with “intimate chat” and enjoy it for what it is, when it is. Let’s be adult, mature cyberers, with an understanding that we can be friends as well as lovers, care givers as well as chat buddies, people who are open to sharing their wants and needs, sexually as well as socially. We are the future and the future is now.

Online Long Distance Relationships

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So Many Miles Apart – What are people to do if they meet online and they live far apart from each other? Sometimes things can start innocently enough. You find someone to have phone sex, cyber sex or cam sex with and then it can evolve and real feelings develop. If all you are seeking is a casual weekend or a week long hookup, I guess you could always meet on vacation or something, but long distance relationships that develop can be hard on both people.


Don’t Measure The Distance, Measure The Love – One will be expected to uproot their life for the other and many times that will cause a resentment. Some may have no problem going any which way the wind blows and picking their lives up, but for others, it’s just not a consideration. The longing you can feel when you make such an online love connection can be intense and bittersweet, to know their life is there and yours is here and never the two shall meet. If only…….Ones that live nearby can be of no interest and ones far away can make it seem as though the sun rises and sets on them.


Love Across The World – Especially after sharing so many intimacies over the phone or on cam, you can really develop feelings for someone and it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that in reality that is all it will likely ever be. It can go on for years and that will still be all there ever really is between you. There is a saying, “A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they live?” I guess in today’s world a lot of people do uproot their lives for another person. It’s unthinkable for some though. So you either resign yourself to regular journeys to stay with each other for short periods or change your life drastically.