Online Long Distance Relationships

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So Many Miles Apart – What are people to do if they meet online and they live far apart from each other? Sometimes things can start innocently enough. You find someone to have phone sex, cyber sex or cam sex with and then it can evolve and real feelings develop. If all you are seeking is a casual weekend or a week long hookup, I guess you could always meet on vacation or something, but long distance relationships that develop can be hard on both people.


Don’t Measure The Distance, Measure The Love – One will be expected to uproot their life for the other and many times that will cause a resentment. Some may have no problem going any which way the wind blows and picking their lives up, but for others, it’s just not a consideration. The longing you can feel when you make such an online love connection can be intense and bittersweet, to know their life is there and yours is here and never the two shall meet. If only…….Ones that live nearby can be of no interest and ones far away can make it seem as though the sun rises and sets on them.


Love Across The World – Especially after sharing so many intimacies over the phone or on cam, you can really develop feelings for someone and it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that in reality that is all it will likely ever be. It can go on for years and that will still be all there ever really is between you. There is a saying, “A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they live?” I guess in today’s world a lot of people do uproot their lives for another person. It’s unthinkable for some though. So you either resign yourself to regular journeys to stay with each other for short periods or change your life drastically.

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