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Be Fresh & Clean For Your Partner

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What’s That Smell? – Have you smelled your underwear recently? That may seem like an odd question. It’s not as strange as it may sound. You should smell your underwear often just as a reminder. Why? Always remember that’s what you expect someone to put their face in when they give you oral sex. Think about all the daily activities that you do. How many of those make you smell more than a little unpleasant down there? Just imagine what it would be like to have your face right up into that for an extended amount of time.


Get Out The Soap – Are you not receiving the amount of oral sex that you’d like? Maybe it’s because you stink down there. A quick wash with a hot soapy cloth may be all that’s needed. You may consider taking a fast shower before experiencing oral sex. It’s the best way to ensure that your partner won’t get a face full of stink. They’ll also notice that you’re not tasting as bad down there as you normally do. You’d be surprised just how funky your dirty loins can smell and taste. It’s not something most people think about. That is unless they’re face deep in a smelly crotch.


Be Fresh & Clean – Then it’s the only thing a person can think about. Don’t be someone that doesn’t think other person is experiencing when it comes to oral sex. Change that train of thought and you’ll receive oral sex more often. Wash yourself and get rid of the stink. The amount of oral sex you have is sure to increase. Who doesn’t love more oral sex? Wash up often and you’ll be experiencing more of it too. This has been a public service announcement for all those that perform oral sex regularly.

You Dirty, Hairy Animal

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Manscaping – The results that are showing on the homepage poll for pubic hair grooming habits gave me the idea for this topic. Many people are not just worried about the pubic hair situation, but for the guys, and I guess some hairy gals, the butt situation. There are some beyond horrifying pics online if you dare to Google “hairy ass”. There will always be people that like to leave things alone, let themselves grow natural. All I will say is wiping peanut butter out of a shag carpet and leave it at that.


Wax On Wax Off – Can you stand the pain of waxing? I can honestly say I do not have the courage to have hot wax smoothed over my naughty bits and have it ripped out by the roots. I choose shaving over the waxing for my pubic area. I do think everyone looks best hair free from the eyes down. I’d love to go for lasering, but I worry about the pain of that too, and that requires several treatments, and is only good for hair that is still colored, if you have started to go white or grey, the lasering will not work, as it works on the pigment, and once you start to lose that, it will not remove the hair. Now I can’t see if any hairs down there, the shaved bits in the stubble that is, if they are grey or white, but considering I got my first white hair on my head at 13, I’m betting yes, I color my hair on my head. So lasering is likely not going to be the best solution.


Chewbacca Ass – I really feel for guys that look like swamp thing or a gorilla, it must be a nightmare living like that, the lifetime of hair, either looking like a beast, or the constant, time consuming, expensive and often painful routine of hair removal. One guy I chatted with endured regular butt and ass waxings since he was into getting rimmed. Now I don’t care if there wasn’t one whisker down there, I’d never do that, but he seemed to be able to find gals willing to lick his ass, so a Brazilian was what he did to keep it bare for the brave souls that ventured down there. So if a tongue up your ass is your goal, or just to look not like a wild beast, perhaps hair removal is something you should pay some mind to.

By the way, please watch the video below, it is absolutely hilarious!