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How Loud Do You Like It?

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The Call Of The Wild – Noisy sex can be good from some and terrifying from others. Women are no doubt much more vocal overall than most men. I say most, because some guys can sound downright terrifying, as in they can let out these murderous roars that sound like they are about to meet their maker. Others are so dead quiet, you have no idea if they’ve cum or not. People’s sounds do indeed run the gamut from silent to scary.


Rattle The Window Panes – Biologically speaking, there is a purpose to such noises, especially from the fairer sex. In cave man days when a woman was loud during her sexual encounters, it in fact alerted other villagers, or cave dwellers as the case may be, that there was a female not only ready for action, but already engaging in some, and it was basically a cry of alertment for others to come have a go at her. Like a cat in heat basically, calling all the neighborhood toms. Yes, you can be quiet if you have to, but it’s so much more natural to just let go and be yourself. I tell you, after a good phone date, my throat is sore usually from all my cries of passion!


Wake The Neighbors – It also usually acts as a trigger for the man to orgasm as soon as he hears the woman start hers, again Mother Nature in all her wisdom did this. Some studies have shown the chance of conception is a bit higher if a woman orgasms, since the uterine contractions can sort of “suck up the sperm” making it more likely, so if the woman starts said contractions seconds before her partner ejaculates, the chances are higher of pregnancy. Many things in nature have wonderful and interesting reasons behind them. So the next time your partner is rattling the window panes with their shrieks of passion, enjoy it, and be glad the men of the neighborhood aren’t outside your door awaiting their turn!