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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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broken heart

Please Don’t Hurt Me – So what do you do when one of your online fun partners gets more serious about you than you are about them or vice versa? It’s not a pleasant situation and I’ve been on both sides of this. Cam, phone sex and cybering are all important activities to the ones involved in them. Guys, and I assume gals, fall into different categories in our online play. Some are fun, like friends we play with, joke around with, but it never gets serious.


I Love You So Much – Friends like these though, it never gets intense and intensity, to some of us anyway, can be like that hit of heroin. Intensity is what makes us feel alive and crave more. Some partners can be like this, even ones that can be total nut jobs we’re better staying away from, they have a pull, a draw, and we can’t get enough. It’s a sad thing when one of you feels more deeply about the other, someone is bound to get hurt. Some want to meet in real life and when the other one doesn’t want to, you can feel very hurt and rejected by this person that has come to mean so much to you, and to them sadly they just view you as an online fun partner and nothing more.


It Felt So Real – I always remember one guy I chatted with that said he never phoned with a girl more than once because he “didn’t want them falling in love with him.” I recall laughing so hard thinking what a high opinion he had of himself to come to this bizarre way of thinking. Obviously he and many others wish to avoid drama, and emotional messiness which can sometimes result when feelings become involved. It is very, very cruel to ever lead anyone on and make them believe in any way something real and offline can result if you do not indeed feel that way, and several people I’ve known like to heighten things and make it seem like a possibility when in fact it’s just adding a further dimension of enjoyment to make it seem real.


You Broke My Heart – The more vulnerable party gets very badly emotionally crushed as a result. Be careful when someone hands you their heart. And sadly when things like this happen, and one gets hurt, you often lose the best masturbation partner you ever had because it can’t ever go back to being how it was before. The one doing the heartbreaking often feels badly they’ve hurt the other person, and the one pining away often feels so rejected and foolish they can’t enjoy the other person anymore.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

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Ring In The New Year – Not everyone is interested in going out on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes a nice, quiet night at home is the best medicine. No worry of running into drunks on the road and going out in the cold and having to get all dolled up. Wouldn’t a relaxing and stimulating at the same time, night of online fun be welcome as well? For ones that work and have to go out every day to work or school, it’s nice to not have to go out yet again.


Masturbate & Cum At The Stroke Of Twelve – Many of us have outgrown our clubbing and dance club years, we don’t wish to be in a hot, crowded bar with blaring music and half drunk idiots. Spending some time in an adult chat room, and maybe having some hot and steamy phone sex, or cyber sex, or for the more adventurous exhibitionists, web cam sex and show off your naughtiness to your masturbation partner. How many people out and about will have a nice orgasm? Perhaps not as many as are on an adult site actively seeking a masturbation partner!


A Sexy Evening At Home – It doesn’t cost anything to spend some time online and have fun, yet if you went out, you’d be paying for drinks, cover charges, parking, the price of a new outfit sometimes. So it’s more cost effective if you’re watching funds as well. You can have a toe curling good time with the online stud or gal of your online dreams and both enjoy some terrific orgasms as well, with no risk of disease or getting knocked up.

Take The Time To Masturbate This Holiday Season

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Sexy Christmas – Christmas can be a very romantic and fun and flirty time for couples. Sex underneath the Christmas tree, booze and eggnog flowing and an overall happy spirit. Sexy lingerie with naughty Christmas themes, all kinds of playful possibilities. With our online friends we won’t really be spending time with in person, maybe some naughty pics in said Christmas lingerie might make a naughty email bring a smile to someone’s face, and erection to their cock though!


If you can happen to steal away time together over the holidays for some phone sex or webcam or cybering fun, so much the better, though with many people’s even more hectic that usual schedules, it might prove troublesome. People are often hard to co ordinate their time under the best of circumstances, over the holidays it proves even more difficult with family commitments, and command performance office parties and the like.


I recall once for a year I kept track of how many times I masturbated by making a little heart in the squares of the calendar of the days I played on and added them up at the end of the year and December did indeed have the fewest, was just so busy doing stuff, hardly masturbated all month. So do take some time to masturbate this holiday season, stresses are running high and a few orgasms can do wonders fro your state of mind and release of physical tensions. And if so inclined to send naughty holiday themed pics, I’m sure they’d be welcomed by your online fun partners.

Some Manners, If You Please…

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Don’t Be A Jerk – I wrote the following to a member who had written me and asked what he could do to cut down on his experiences with women online that were cybering or camming with him and then going offline as soon as they came, leaving him in the lurch. I decided my reply was sensible enough to be posted for others to see and hopefully learn something from. Even if you are not a religious sort, the do unto others as you would have them do onto you bit is sound advice that every single person should be practicing.

Assholes Online – Many online are assholes, this will come as no revelation, I am sure. Keyboard warriors who are bold due to their anonymity alone. One way to avoid getting dropped during a cam, phone or cyber session, is not to engage in one until you know the person better, but I know most people come on when they are horny and want something right then. This has never been my personal game plan, it’s like going shopping when you are starving, you’ll grab the nearest morsel you can get.


Don’t Just Be Horny, Be Polite – I realize my personal “audition process” is not what most people do, but it cuts down on bad experiences when you chat with someone a few times before playing, there’s more of an investment of time, so they are not as apt to run off as soon as they cum. Even with this method though, it has happened to me. I have been hung up on by a handful of guys after they came, and I was livid and immediately deleted and blocked them. One I even had chatted with for 6 weeks before playing with him and he did this to me the first and only time we played. I have never done this to one person I have phoned with, even when I knew I’d made a bad choice and would never be playing with them again, I got through it and did it and finished the call.


Cum & Go – I have heard countless guys tell me girls they were phoning, camming, or cybering with some girl who immediately left when they came. There are some rude, inconsiderate individuals out there. Obviously they wouldn’t do that to someone they were looking for a long term online playing relationship with. But a “hit and run encounter” with someone they have no intention of playing with again, they just don’t care. Other sites will be the same, CC doesn’t have the market cornered on thoughtless jerks and bitches, all sites will have the same sorts. Selfish idiots looking to get off and only their own orgasm to care about. Show others some respect and let them finish, even if you know you will not be playing with them again.

You Get What You Give – Karma is a reality, what goes around does indeed come around. Show others the same courtesy and respect you yourself would wish to be shown. Would you like to be hung up on? Your screen go black as they have turned off their cam? See them log out in chat when they say they have cum? I doubt you would. Treat others decently and maybe you will have someone to play with again in the future, and not some one time hit and run encounter that you’d be embarrassed to be confronted about.

Online Friends

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online friends
Online Friends – What do they actually mean to us? I have pondered this many times since my online life began and I started making “friends” online. I shudder to think some treat people in their actual life as they do others online. Yes, there are some decent people out there in cyberspace, not a doubt. I have been lucky enough to meet many.


Fuck You And Block – There are unfortunately also the “keyboard warriors” out there who look at the anonymity of their computer as a license to be rude, aggressive and downright cruel since there are no repercussions for their words and actions. In real life it would be nice to hit “ignore”, “block” etc. When someone is annoying us, if one online annoys us, we can simply do this. Not everyone is this way though, and there are some truly nice people you can meet online.


Chat With Me – Some online friends I have chatted with literally for years and I enjoy chatting with them, some have grown to be more than online friends and become online lovers, they are in a category all their own, those are the ones we have cyber sex, web cam and phone sex with. Some of them also can hang around for years, others are like ships passing in the night, you enjoy your little tango and then you will likely never hear from them again. People in real life obviously do this as well for a one night stand, I myself wouldn’t want that, I like the continuing relationships and find them much more fulfilling, but many are just looking for a quick fuck for sure. Hopefully here at climaxconnection you too can meet some people that will become online friends you can chat with and have fun with.