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7 Physical And Mental Benefits of Masturbation

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Masturbation is a normal part of most people’s lives. It’s easy to see why—masturbation is a lot of fun, and nothing beats the feeling of an orgasm. Plus, people who regularly use masturbation sites enjoy many physical and mental health benefits, from lowering the risks of diseases to improving aspects of their sexual lives.

So, it’s highly recommended that you keep masturbating throughout your life, even if you’re in a relationship! Let’s take a closer look at seven amazing benefits of masturbation:

Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

A surprisingly overlooked benefit of masturbation for men is that it reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Studies indicate that men who regularly ejaculate over a month see a significant reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.

In fact, men that regularly ejaculate could be as much as 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those that don’t!

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men, with those over the age of 50 at the highest risk. So, if you want to help lower the risk of this potentially life-threatening cancer, make sure you keep masturbating!

Last Longer During Sex

Many men struggle to last long in bed. Whether it’s down to nerves or excitement, most guys have had orgasmic much quicker than they wanted during sex. While the problem is usually a rare occurrence, some men do struggle to last long every time they hit the bedroom, causing all sorts of confidence issues.

Thankfully, masturbation can help you last much longer during sex!
For example, if you have a hot date or are planning a sexy time with your partner, masturbating an hour or so before can help you last a lot longer.

You can also practice your stamina when masturbating, training yourself to take longer to orgasm. For instance, try timing how long it takes you to orgasm, then aim to increase it by a few minutes the next time!

Improves Your Mood

When you masturbate, your brain releases various hormones that help improve your mood.

For instance, an orgasm produces high levels of dopamine, giving an immediate boost to your mood. Oxytocin is also released as we masturbate, so there’s no shortage of feel-good hormones gained when pleasuring yourself!

This is true for both men and women, highlighting why everyone should be enjoying the benefits of masturbation.

Helps With Sleeping

The old cliché about guys falling asleep straight after sex is based on truth: orgasms help guys fall asleep easier!

When men orgasm, their brains release various hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin. These hormones not only help us feel better but also boost our natural ability to fall asleep.

Plus, masturbating naturally reduces stress levels, so the combined effects make it much easier for men to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Helps Maintain Erections

Everyone loses muscle tone as they age. The loss even occurs downstairs, although you can help prevent muscle loss through regular masturbation.

When masturbating, the pelvic floor muscle gets a serious workout, while the penis gets a boost of oxygen from all the blood used to maintain an erection. Both of these factors help to keep your penis harder for longer, no matter your age.

So, if you masturbate around two to three times per week, you’ll find it much easier to gain and maintain your erection!

Increase Your Libido

Masturbation is a simple but effective way to naturally increase your libido. When we masturbate, we’re understandably aroused, and this feeling of arousal sends various signals back and forth to our brain.

So, the more often you masturbate, the easier it becomes to switch on your arousal, giving your libido an instant kickstart whenever needed. If you’re struggling with your libido, try masturbating a few times per week; you’re likely to feel much hornier in no time!

Helps You Understand Your Own Body

Masturbation allows us to explore our own bodies to see what we like and don’t like.

You can try different ways of self-pleasure, use various toys, and explore certain kinks and fantasies while you masturbate. It’s especially great for women who might not understand the best way to get an orgasm—you can try different things out to see what gets you off!

By using masturbation to help understand your own body, you can then improve your sex life by communicating your preferences to your partner. So, not only does masturbation improve your time alone, but also your time with others!

Spice Up Your Masturbation Latina Style!

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How a Realistic Vagina Can Improve Your Sex Life

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It may sound strange to you, but sex is still taboo in some societies. Indeed, there are some limits on how and with whom to talk about this natural need. But something that is a pleasure is certainly not something that should be hidden at all costs.

Since sex is not a favorite topic of many, you can imagine how little is said about sex toys. And they should, as this topic is not only a way to spice up a chat with friends. You can actually find out many useful things. Nowadays, even doctors and sexual health experts praise these gadgets.

If you are not quite familiar with sex toys, this article will provide you with a clearer idea. Many people are wary of discussing these gadgets, but they are, in fact, handy and can help improve your sexual life in many ways.

Men are generally more open to talking about sexual aids. And they probably won’t have a problem getting something like the best pocket pussy and providing themselves with hours of pleasure. These realistic copies of female genitals can bring about powerful orgasms and increase sexual comfort.

Learn Some New Moves

Sex is not a theory. It’s a combination of feelings, moves, and everything that follows this act of pleasure. People are different, and different things turn them on. So sex is about using the right ‘technique’ with the right person. And what if you’re single? In that case, it’s about finding something that makes you feel a burst of pleasure.

The best way to become a better lover is to learn more about your sexuality. Sexy gadgets can be crucial tools on the path to knowledge. There are so many different pocket pussies on the market so that anyone can find their cup of tea.

When you masturbate using these devices, you have a chance to try things you didn’t try so far. And there’s no one to judge or make fun of your efforts. You are free to watch porn and steal some new moves. And you can exercise them till perfection, i.e., until you find a real person to test on your new sexual skills.

Bring Sexual Pleasure to Higher Level

Masturbation is widely accepted as something that men can indulge in without feeling embarrassed or shameful. Guys do it regardless of being in a relationship or single. Simply, they know it’s a thing of nature. But, what this act of self-pleasure has to do with male sex toys?

Self-stimulation with different anatomical gadgets has also been known as a method to help people who are having trouble achieving orgasm. It is said that masturbation with something like a realistic vagina can help prepare the body and mind for an orgasm. And by doing it regularly, you’ll learn how to take control over your desire.

In the long run, sexual aids indeed enhance the quality of sex and thus the enjoyment. Once you’re pleased with your ‘performance,’ you will get more self-confidence. It can help you feel better about yourself and your skills in bed. Eventually, you can try your new knowledge on a real woman.

Enhance Your Sexuality

A very common myth that many people don’t use sex toys (or don’t want to admit) is that those who use these gadgets do so because they can’t have close contact with a real woman. Of course, realistic vaginas can be a good alternative when you are single, but you have no time to meet someone.
You can visit the next page and learn more about masturbation techniques:

These gadgets can also be a substitute or supplement for intercourse with your girlfriend or wife. But men rarely use sex toys when they are in a relationship. They usually hesitate because they are afraid of their partner’s reactions. But if you have open communication and know your lady, you can find the right moment to talk about this topic. It can be great for both of you.

Male sex toys help both partners understand how to have mutually satisfying and rewarding relationships. They can help couples who are having trouble reaching climax or just men who are struggling to achieve orgasm or sustain an erection.

Increasing Stamina in Bed

Sex toy sellers most often point out this fact in their ads. They usually use terms like ‘hours of pleasure,’ get ready for a volcano of passion,’ etc. And while these marketing hacks sound tempting, many will be suspicious. But research really suggests that using sexy gadgets really is a good way to prevent premature ejaculation.

If you experience this inconvenience sometimes, you know how odd it can be. Using a sex toy during masturbation is simply a matter of being comfortable and learning to control yourself. These are great because you can choose the level of pleasure you want from the comfort of your home.

Think about Health Benefits

Guys can enjoy the health benefits of sex toys, too. It is well known that sex is a great way to get rid of stress. Since stress can be quite a brake on everything you do, it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible. Or, at least, learn to deal with it better. With pocket pussies, you can have sex wherever and whenever you want if you need to get all that tension out of you.

Also, regular masturbation (with or without toys) can improve the quality of your sleep. When you go to bed free from stress, you will sleep much better and wake up more rested. In the long run, this will have a positive effect on your immunity and brain function.

Modern gadgets are made of quite realistic, safe, and eco-friendly materials. It means that you can enjoy them without worrying about skin irritations or damaging the environment. These toys are made from safe materials like silicone, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation with sex toys can help men experiencing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a person can’t become sexually aroused. This is because of physical problems like bladder or testicular disease, nerve damage, hormonal imbalances, or injury. Some people can control this condition through treatment, but for others, it can be a lifelong condition.

The sooner you see doctors, the more chance you have to prevent this lifelong torment. They usually prescribe pills as a treatment. You can inform about healing methods here. But pills usually have adverse effects, especially if you take them along with prescription drugs like beta-blockers.

Sexy gadgets are a less-invasive treatment with no side effects. Not many doctors will suggest you these devices, but you don’t have to tell them you have a realistic vagina at home. The truth is, these devices can’t harm you, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Sex toys have become common in the last few years, more people are buying them. Most men have gone out and got some pocket pussies. But, do guys who use sex toys really enjoy it more? It’s not a fad; they sure do. The truth is, sexy gadgets may not be for everyone, but men definitely reap the benefits from them.

Is Power an Important Factor in Choosing a Vibrator?

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There are a number of things that every human needs to live a happy and fulfilled life. One of these is sexual satisfaction which traditionally is achieved between two consenting adults.

Sadly, not everyone is in a romantic relationship and the fact that they are not in this kind of relationship does not exempt them from the need for sexual satisfaction. Worse still, some are in romantic relationships but have a less than satisfactory sex life for many different reasons.

According to studies that we can find here it is recorded that as much as 60% of females may be experiencing one form of sexual issue or the other. One major root cause of these issues is usually inability or difficulty in reaching orgasm.

In this article, we will be looking at one way that ladies can help themselves, whether alone or in a romantic relationship, to achieve sexual satisfaction more often. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning about, then stay with us as we examine this topic.

What is a Vibrator?

In the context of this article, a vibrator is classified as a sex toy that is used to stimulate the female genitalia to achieve sexual satisfaction through orgasm. This device can be presented in different shapes.

There are those shaped similar to the male penis and can therefore be used to penetrate the vagina in the same way as a natural penis will. The difference is that in addition to the penetration motion, the device also vibrates, adding another level of stimulation to the sensitive female sexual organ.

Some of these sex toys are designed in such a way that they can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris as well as the much touted and sometimes elusive G-spot. This multi-level stimulation results in powerful orgasms that would have normally been difficult to achieve.

What are its Benefits?

There are a number of obvious benefits that can be enjoyed with the use of a vibrator. Some of these include the following:

Easy and Efficient Self-sexual Stimulation

One of the reasons why many ladies fail to achieve sexual satisfaction is because they have no partner with whom to engage in sexual intercourse. With this sex toy, anyone can achieve orgasm as many times as they wish, whenever they want alone.

This eliminates the need to rush into a relationship simply to be able to enjoy sexual intercourse and satisfaction. Other important factors can be considered before getting involved with anyone.

Improved Sexual Interaction with Your Partner

It can be a source of frustration when a woman is unable to achieve orgasm with her partner. This can put a serious strain on the relationship, making the act of sexual intercourse more of a chore than something to be enjoyed.

For the man, it can result in a loss of confidence when his most concerted effort results in no more than an irritation to his partner. In fact, his own climax will be less than satisfactory as his inability to bring his partner to also climax will look like either selfishness or inability to perform satisfactorily.

With a sex toy such as a vibrator, the sexual intercourse can be spiced up and the little effort of the partner results in a pleasurable orgasm for the lady. Both parties end up happy and fully satisfied.

Simply put, the act of sex once again becomes something to be looked forward to and enjoyed.

Increased Assurance of Sexual Satisfaction/Orgasm

With this toy, achieving orgasm ceases to be a thing of luck or chance and moves into the realm of certainty. You can always be confident that you will achieve orgasm anytime you need to. This certainly reduces the frustration that arises from pent up sexual energy.

Is Power an Important Factor to Consider?

One question we want to give special attention is the importance of “power” when choosing a vibrator. By power, we mean how much vibration it can deliver. While it may seem that choosing powerful vibrator is the way to go, you may need to hold back and take some factors into consideration before rushing into getting one.

The power or vibration intensity of your device is very important. Sexual satisfaction is largely a personal thing, with individuals having differing pleasure thresholds, sensitivity and appetite.

With the above said, the best option to choose will be a device that offers different power settings so each user can choose the level of intensity that best suits their needs. This is therefore something that you must give special attention to when you are making your choice.

What are Other Important Consideration Factors?

We’ve looked at one important factor to be considered when making a choice above. We’ll now briefly look at a few other important factors.


The use of this toy has to be very easy and pain free so you must ensure you choose a size that will be comfortable for you. While there are small ones that are used mainly externally to stimulate the clitoris, there are others large enough to be inserted into the vagina.

A user buying one for individual use may prefer one that can also be used for penetration while a user who intends to use it with her male partner may just want one that will just stimulate the clitoris.

Know exactly what you need so you can make the right choice.


Aside from size, the shape is also another factor to consider. Like we mentioned earlier, there are those shaped such that they can stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time while there are others that only stimulate either one or the other.

Ladies that want maximum stimulation may go for the ones shaped to offer double stimulation while those who may not be able to handle that level of intensity can choose the one that can stimulate single points at a time.

You should therefore know your body and what it can handle before making a purchase.


Finally, top quality devices are designed to feel as close as possible to a real penis. Of course, you do not want a plastic-like feel inside you. Make sure the texture of the device you choose will make the experience worthwhile and not uncomfortable.


From our discussion in this article, it is obvious that there’s no reason for any lady to endure unfulfilled sexual desires. By choosing a suitable vibrator, you can take yourself to cloud-9 at any time or else make it easier for your partner to take you there.

Take charge of your affairs and begin to enjoy sexual satisfaction and fulfillment whenever you desire.

Selecting The Best Handsfree Masturbator for Men

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Apart from reproduction purposes, there are many reasons why one should have sex. Sex not only provides pleasure and satisfaction, but it also provides many health benefits. Having sex has both physical and psychological effects to people. During sex the body releases chemicals that can affect how you feel. The brain releases endorphins that make you feel good and less irritable. It can also cause the body to release oxytocin which can induce calmness and
contentedness. Doing the deed can relieve stress and can make people happy.

Moreover, sex has positive effects to physical health. Since sex is a physical activity, it can improve physical fitness and also reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system, and makes people less prone to various ailments.

Doing it is also important in a relationship since it helps increase commitment and emotional connection for both men and women. It improves the bond of couples and leads to greater intimacy. For people without a partner, sexual satisfaction can still be achieved. Masturbation is defined as the sexual stimulation of own sex organs to achieve orgasm. It is common to all people, regardless of age and gender.

Just like sex, masturbation has a lot of benefits to the body. Contrary to the common misconception that masturbation is bad for you, it actually does a lot of good for your health, physically and mentally. It is a safe way of getting sexual pleasure in which you will achieve orgasm just like in intercourse but with no risk of getting pregnant and STDs.

It will make your genitals shrink, it can cause abnormal hair growth all over your body, it can make you infertile, are just among the common misconceptions about masturbation. All those are but baseless myths. Masturbation has no negative effects to the body unless you over do it. It is also perfectly normal to masturbate and there is no need to feel embarrassed or guilty about it. Almost everyone does it. Masturbation is not unhealthy and it is actually the other way around; masturbation is good for you!

Pleasuring yourself can help you release sexual tensions and reduces stress. Achieving orgasm also improves sleeping habits and you will have a more positive perception of yourself as masturbating helps improve your self-esteem. It can also improve your sex life. Being responsible for your own orgasm helps you figure out what works for you and when you do it with a partner; you can talk about what is comfortable and what feels good for you. It will then be easier for you to reach orgasm. For women, masturbation can help relieve
menstrual cramps and tensions in the muscle. Click here to know more about the benefits of masturbation.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating but of course it is just so much better when you are doing the deed with a partner. There is more satisfaction and pleasure when there is another person making you orgasm. There is just a completely different feeling when you are having sex with someone especially if there is a strong emotion between you and your partner. Intimacy is something in sex that you can’t get from masturbating.

For those that do not have sexual partners, good thing for you that instruments have been invented to make your alone time so much better. Sex toys were made to improve the stimulation while masturbating. It has become popular for a lot of people nowadays especially those that are having sexual problems.

The Hands-free Masturbator

For men, the artificial vagina is the most popular masturbator. They were made to simulate the sensation of intercourse on an erect penis and cause ejaculation and orgasm. Artificial vaginas are modeled after real vagina. Some are made tighter to simulate the anus for men who like anal. For marketing purposes, some are even patterned after the vaginas of famous porn stars. To make it a better experience for men, top brands in 2019 have made their toys automatic and hands free.

You can put the masturbator on top of table and suctions will keep it in place as you thrust yourself back and forth, hands-free until you orgasm. Masturbating has never been this exciting and this could be one of the top innovations of the century. Additionally, there is even a hand-free masturbator that will pump your penis for you.

In a time where Sexually Transmitted Diseases are rampant, there is no safer way in achieving sexual pleasure than masturbation. Masturbating is good for your health especially that doing it has no adverse effects to your body. There is no such thing as excessive masturbation; not unless it already affects your social life and it gets in the way of doing your responsibilities.

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