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Secret Fun

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I’ve Got A Secret – If you have a partner, should you tell them about your forays into online fun? This is a common question and worry I read about in forums about people in relationships. I have seen profiles with text on them that said things like, “Got a gf now, so long everyone!”


Life’s A Banquet And Most Poor Bastards Are Starving – I guess if many find real life fun, the draw of online fun lessens. Real trumps imagined. Many in real relationships though are not getting much sex, either due to lack of interest on their partners part, health issues of their partner, boredom, all kinds of reasons. Online fun is a much needed outlet for many individuals not getting any, or not getting enough at home. Should a partner worry or feel threatened, 99% of the time, not at all. Variety is the spice of life and if people are content to remain in sexless relationships, they at least need some outlet to express their sexuality in. Whether that’s cyber sex, phone sex, camming, or simply hanging out in adult chat rooms at all.


Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It – There was a forum post I answered recently some place and this poor bastard was feeling guilty since he was into cam sex and his wife would only give him sex 5-6 times a year. How insane he should feel guilty over that! It’s sad how many are living lives of quiet desperation and guilt over nothing. Everyone has the right to private lives, you do not owe full disclosure to anyone. Enjoy yourself and get your enjoyment where you can. An adult chat room or online fun is nothing to feel guilty about unless it’s making you forgo other routine activities you are a part of.

Adult Forums

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Voice Your Opinions – Many adult chat sites also offer adult forums for the site users to ask questions and answer them in. Forums make asking and answering fun and fresh for people. You’d likely be too embarrassed to ask or answer some questions in your real life with people that know your real identity, but adult chat sites for a great many users are private. They do not always use their own pictures, so they are safe behind their online identity they have created without fear of ones in their life knowing they are on a site like that.


What Have You To Say – Many fun and entertaining questions can be asked and answered in forums under every topic under the sun. People can ask website related questions and get answers from the site owners as to what is happening. Announcements can be made like a bulletin board of sorts, forums serve all sorts of useful purposes on a website. A true adult community benefits from a well put together and varied forum. The exchange of ideas and useful answers, as well as entertaining and silly ones, can be a must have addition to any adult community website.


What Do You Think Of That – Website owners that care about their sites monitor forum posts daily to see what users are happy or unhappy with. A user driven site must keep those users happy to keep coming back. If they realize a site is run by an owner and mods that don’t seem to care, or listen to their ideas, why should they themselves care? Forums are like an online town hall meeting, a place for everyone to exchange ideas to make the site better and useful for everyone involved.