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Sexual Mishaps

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You’re Not Going To Believe This – An unfortunate thing that can happen during sex has nothing to do with feeling good. It’s a sexual mishap, and people are sent to the emergency room every single day with sex gone awry. From solo masturbation incidents like in the American Pie movie where the lead mistook a tube of glue for lube, to fractured penises when a partner has come down too hard and not aligned properly.


Sexual Misadventures – People can fall out of bed hitting their head, dislocating shoulders, breaking wrists, all kinds of things from over enthusiastic play. I fell once myself during phone sex and was sore for weeks and lucky I didn’t break my wrist. My partner had wanted panties mailed to him and after I came I stood up to wipe the panties on my wet pussy and it was dark, I lost my footing and went over between the bed and the dresser and onto a box. The phone went out of my hand, I was bruised for over 3 weeks and my wrist was sore and I’m lucky it didn’t break.


Get Well Soon – Many people end up in the ER after sticking things where they shouldn’t. Please use toys that were designed for there, not vegetable, not candles, not Barbie dolls. One of the funniest cases I read about was a preacher that had to go to the ER with a potato up his ass he couldn’t get out. He came up with an insane story about hanging curtains in the nude up on a ladder and falling back onto the kitchen table onto a pile of potatoes. Um, yeah, that happened! The humiliation of going for medical help due to your own stupidity should be reason enough to not do such things, but horniness tends to make the head not work at full capacity.