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How to Use ProExtender to Get Best Results?

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Most men tend to worry about the size of their sexual organs. Some have lost their self-confidence because they feel that their penis is not big enough to satisfy their partners. Others may have even resorted to taking all kinds of penis enlargement pills and herbs with zero effect that could cause permanent damage to the penis, leaving them disappointed and depressed. If this is your story, then you would be glad to know that you are not hopeless after all. So many medical advancements have been made in recent times to create a solution.

ProExtender is a system developed by the medical field to help increase the size of the penis. It is basically a traction device that is designed for the purpose of increasing the size of the penis. It is safe and has proven to be the most effective way of increasing the size without any significant side effects. Using ProExtender comes with a lot of other benefits like improved erection, irreversible increase in the size of the penis, straightening of the curved or bent penis, improved sexual satisfaction, and general confidence. The fact that it is a natural process makes it ideal because there are no risks or side effects involved.

Now you may be wondering how you can use ProExtender to achieve the desired results Well, here is how you effectively use it.

● The first step would be to assemble the device. The ProExtender device comes with an instructional manual on how to properly assemble the device for use. After putting the parts together, the device is ready for use.

● The penis should be in a flaccid state before you wear the device. A flaccid state is when the penis is not erect.

● Please wear the protective foam or padding over the head of your penis to reduce the pressure and making it more comfortable.

● Place your penis in the device by inserting it through the desired strap, which could either be the silicone strap, the silicone tube, or the Velcro comfort strap.

● By turning it either clockwise or anti-clockwise you can adjust the length of the elongation rods until you achieve a comfortable stretch. A comfortable stretch is when it’s not too loose or too tight. Because by making it too tight you will feel uncomfortable. When the strap is too loose, it does not make any impact.

● You can keep the penis in an upward or downward direction depending on the one that suits you more. After that, wear your clothes over it to conceal the device as you go about your daily activities. For optimum results, you have to always use the ProExtender device as prescribed by a medical professional. Here are some other procedures you have to follow in order to make correct and proper use of the ProExtender device.

● When you wear the ProExtender device, do not fasten the strap more than required. Make sure that it’s not too tight so as not to cause you discomfort.

● Adjust the length of the rod until you feel a stretch on your penis.

● During the initial stages, you can wear the device for about 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on your level of comfort and convenience. You may also take several breaks in between different intervals.

● You should gradually increase the time of use and take necessary breaks at least once a week to recuperate. So you have to wear the device for at least 6 days a week.

● As soon as you can comfortably wear the ProExtender device for about 5 to 6 hours continuously without taking a break, you may now try wearing it while going to bed.

● Do not try to use pills, herbal supplements, oil, tablets, or any other products in conjunction with the use of the ProExtender device because they do not work.

To straighten a curved penis, it is vital that you adjust the length of the rod on both sides equally in order to apply an even amount of pressure on both sides. When you wear the device, there is steady traction on the penis, and as you extend it, the shorter side of the penis feels more tension. As time goes on, cells will duplicate and the shorter side of the penis will eventually catch up thereby correcting the curvature.

Please note that ProExtender is a physiotherapeutic device. It is not magical, so it takes time for the effects to manifest. Therefore, maximum patience and consistency are required. Do not expect quick results, or you may be disappointed. Also, consult a medical professional before you use the ProExtender device. Penis extenders have been proven to be the most effective way of increasing the size of your penis without any side effects. So if you feel like your penis is not big enough and you are looking to add an extra inch, do not consider using drugs or going for a penis enlargement surgery. The use of penis extenders is highly recommended.

7 Reasons to Own a Silicone Sex Doll during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Covid19 has completely changed the way we live in the past year. Everyone is advised to have minimum travel and close meeting, especially if someone is not living in the same house. However, the singles or couples living away need intimate fun to satisfy their cravings. If you are also facing this situation, then a silicone love doll is the most suitable choice to look at.

It is a perfect alternative allowing the users to achieve sexual gratification without any need for a partner. We will give you 7 reasons to own a silicone sex doll during the covid19 pandemic. Let’s dive deeply and plan to buy one now!

• Easing Tensions

Living a pandemic life is very difficult for people who like to roam away outside consistently. Living in the house alone can cause mental stress and tensions in their minds. However, the availability of this sex toy can allow them to get relief from this situation in these tough times.

• Companionship

Dwelling on loneliness is very common when we live away from loved ones. On top of that, it becomes even harder during the Covid19 situation as people can’t go out and socialize. Having a silicone sex doll can give you awesome companionship that is very important these days.

• Sexual Pleasure

The most convincing reason for having a sex doll is fulfilling sexual desires without any partner. Whether it is pandemic or not, it can be very useful for having erotic pleasure.

• Boost Sleep Quality

We all know that normal daily activities like going to work or the gym get a stop during the covid19 situation. This lack of activity makes it difficult to sleep at a regular time. However, the presence of this sex toy can boost oxytocin levels for making sleep better.

• Boost Brain Health

Another surprising reason for having a silicone love doll is that it can benefit mental power in many different ways. Experiencing an extra dose of sexual pleasure will make sure your mind feels satisfied that helps in making better decisions.

• Boost Sexual Performance

This benefit is very useful for those in a relationship, but their partner is away and can’t meet due to this pandemic. Having no sex during this situation can weaken their sexual performance, which no one wishes to have. However, regular practice with a sex doll will make sure they don’t get any dip in the sexual performance.

• Permanent Sex Partner

Buying this sex toy will make sure you have a permanent sex partner during the entire pandemic situation. It will make sure you get a chance to experience pleasure in a completely safe manner. You can enjoy yourself with her whenever needed.


Covid19 situation may be tough for everyone, but having the right tools makes sure it can be handled with ease. A silicone love doll can be a perfect companion for fulfilling sexual needs with proper safety. What do you feel about this pandemic in terms of intimacy? Please write your view in the comment section!

Your Little Secret

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When you decide you’d like to do something about your frequent little problem of not being able to get an erection, maybe you should consider visiting the online Generic Shop and see if they might be able to sooth what ails you. Many men that were once the very picture of machismo and able to please any woman they chose to find that Mother Nature can be a cruel and unforgiving mistress when it comes to how their bodies respond. It used to take not much more than a breeze to get them a stiff one, but alas, time has marched on and made things problematic for them now.

We can all use a little help in one way or another. For many they might have gained a few pounds as the years went on, and found a hard on more difficult to achieve. Or diabetes or some other health problem that has given you a less than perfectly working body like what you once had. These things happen to most of us as we get older. We can accept it and let past pleasures be nothing but a memory, or we can fight the good fight and use the tools we now have available to make things better.

The Generic Shop carries many such products to help you out, so you can be sure to find the one that will work the best for you and your circumstances. Have a look around and you and your lady will be glad you did. None of us can turn back time, there’s just no way to do it, but you can recapture the raging erections of your youth by finding just the right pill for you. Check it out, you don’t want your lady going to find what she needs from another man, do you?

Do You Need a Little Help in the Bedroom?

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Are you not quite the man you used to be? This is a common problem as men get older. Erections just do not come as easily or as frequently as they used to. They can be harder to maintain as well. Not satisfying your partner can be a really bad thing for your fragile male ego. Fortunately there’s sexual aids out there to help with such problems. Just a few decades ago, men with these sorts of issues needed to rely on not totally safe penis pumps. They’d over pump them and burst the blood vessels, doing permanent damage. Medications can get things going right for you.

Websites like Kamagra24 can allow you to simply and easily get these sorts of medications delivered right to your home, without embarrassment or prying questions. A hot date will become all the hotter when you don’t have to worry about performance anxiety. The question of, “Will I be able to get it up?” won’t even be a worry for you. Just pop one of these little pills before the romantic moment and voila, you’ll be sporting the raging hard on of your lady’s dreams. She doesn’t need to know, either, it will be your little secret.

Online pharmacies like Kamagra24 are there to help. You can peruse the products available, and then decide which one is right for you and your needs. They are likely less expensive than your own local pharmacy. Trying to get an erection has never been easier. Many men even take such pills to simply enhance what they already have. You don’t have to have a limp noodle to begin taking these. They can make decent erections into super erections! What have you got to lose in trying? The choice is yours. Impress your date, your girlfriend, your wife or mistress with a rock hard cock to rock her world.

Do You Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

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Have you ever suffered from the embarrassing problem of erectile dysfunction? Most men have at one time or another and it can be a pretty ego deflating thing to experience. You feel you’ve let down your partner, and you’ve become less of a man in her eyes. These things happen, but now there’s something that can be done about it. You don’t always have to suffer in silence and just hope for the best next time. You don’t want her going out and finding another man that can get the job done when you can’t, do you? There are answers to your problems in the form of pharmaceuticals.

By taking the problem into your own hands so to speak, you can once again fulfill your woman and her sexual needs and desires. Have a look around this website, EDpilula Online, and see if anything there might be of use to a man in your unenviable predicament. Sure, there’s plenty to laugh about a limp penis, but not when your limp penis is the one being laughed at! Most men are concerned about their partner’s pleasure, and a limp penis is not going to be giving her any.

Sure they can always use their tongue and hands or toys, but that’s like always just getting the appetizer and no entree! A hard cock is going to be a lot nicer to feel penetrating you than some inanimate toy. We should be grateful that there medications that can correct this problem. One little blue pill is all it takes to rise once more! Whether you only need such help once in a while, or frequently, or many take just to enhance their own abilities that are still more than adequate, there’s something here, EDpilula Online for all men, so why not have a look and see. The choice is yours. She’ll thank you for it!