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Sexual Philosophy In Chat Rooms

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, eric60red.

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There has been and is possibility more information about sex than any other subject, on and off the internet. It has been reported that men think of sex at least once every day, and ¼ of females think about it frequently, is this true? Is this why more men than females frequent chat rooms looking for sex? Or is it a challenge to see if they can “chat up” a female into some sex act to fulfill their own cravings? Does that make them sexual prowlers? I am not qualified to delve into the whys and wherefores of sexual philosophy and physiology.


All I know is that I have sexual fantasies and desires, which I can fulfill in a chat room chatting with male or female, to me it’’s about satisfying my need to have a climax. In other words to stimulate my need to masturbate hoping that the other person is also aroused by what I type, or show in photos. Some show themselves on web cams, there is nothing more annoying than being forced to look at naked body parts, when I am not asked. The feeling is I suppose that if you see an erection or a pair of breasts it arouse you, that is not necessary so.

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I am a hedonist, a pleasure seeker, I have this strong urge to have orgasms, alone or sharing. I visit a chat room in the hope of arousing myself and others into an act of mutual masturbation. Sometimes a sex chat is very fulfilling and the sparks fly, other times it just titillates the need and perhaps I will masturbate alone later thinking about the conversation or if they sent me a photo, looking at it as I cum.

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One of the attractions is that you can be whoever you want, your real self or a fantasy person, and perhaps by your chat name give an idea of your own needs. There are different types of chat rooms in different formats. The chat format at Climax Connection has been carefully thought out, some have audio and webcam facility which if you don’t want to use you can turn off. There are a number of different rooms to cater for most tastes.

Adult Chat

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Let’s Chat – If you enjoy a good, fun adult conversation, it can be hard at times to find the right adult chat site for you. There are lots of sites offering adult chat, but so many are just with random chatters you will never see again with no sign up to the site required. Many people are seeking a true adult community website that they can call their online home. Not everyone looking to just chat is looking for a mutual masturbation partner, many are just seeking a way to kill a few hours and do something fun, free and relaxing.


Naughty Chat – Ones of course seeking the fun of getting a masturbation partner will find fun if they look in the adult chat rooms that we have here. There’s never any shortage of horny, naughty people looking for phone sex, cyber sex or webcam sex partners here. Roleplaying is quite popular with the cyber sex chatters here and they love to find new people to use their scenarios on. Many of them are quite creative, it’s too bad some don’t write full stories and add them to our erotic short stories section, many people do love to masturbate while reading some erotica to enhance their masturbation experience.


Cumming & Communicating – Masturbation alone is a great feeling for sure, but once you’ve experienced true online fun, you will quickly realize alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s not nearly as fun to do it alone as to share it with another person. So if your masturbation routine could use a bit of spicing up, perhaps some of our members might be able to help you out with that!

Looking For Love

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Seeking Intimacy Online – Not everyone is looking for love when they decide to visit adult chat rooms. Most would laugh at the very idea and question the sensibilities of ones that are. Well, maybe not love, but a connection, a special connection that might evolve into more than just online fun. Some people are very explicit on their profiles they are only looking to chat on the site and will not even give out so much as their Yahoo or Skype. I can’t relate to being that way, but obviously some are since I’ve seen it many times. I guess they know what they want and they aren’t looking for more.


Sexual Begging – Desperation is not attractive, and it’s a sad fact that there’s countless guys that will literally beg you to watch them on cam, have phone sex with them or cyber sex, it’s like the bar at closing time and they have no one to go home and get off with. Yet, it happens a lot. For many I think if finding online fun partners isn’t easy, maybe you need to look at it as a special treat, not an everyday diet, which can be difficult, since once you’ve had it and good, alone simply doesn’t cut it anymore and you always want to share your orgasm.


Close To You – You can find people to be close with online, even if it’s fleeting, which it usually seems to be. Many times one will seek more than the other and then one person stands to get hurt when their online fun partner means more to them than they do to their partner. You can fall in love with people you’ve had fabulous phone sex with many times, sometimes for years, you can want them more than anyone you have in your own real life, but to some of these partners, you are just that, an online masturbation partner and that’s all you will ever be. If only feelings were always returned, things would hurt a lot less for some of us. You just have to keep looking, maybe that perfect partner is out there that will seek the same intimacy you do, you just have to keep looking.

Cold Weather, Hot Cock

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Hot Chat On A Cold Day- The weather outside might be cold, but the hot chat at Climax Connection will be sure to make those orgasms come fast and furious if you’re seeking some new masturbation partners for the long, cold winter ahead! Adult chat rooms are the perfect place to be looking for free phone sex, cam sex and cyber sex partners on, and what better time than winter to heat things up? Most of us spend a lot more time indoors in the winter months, and some hot chat is just the ticket to keep warm.


Baby It’s Cold Outside – Snuggling in bed with a lover and cumming all day long would be a wonderful way to while the afternoon away, but sadly not all of us are lucky enough to have a lover, so we have to make due with masturbation. A masturbation community is where we self loving perverts, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, seeing as I’m a fellow masturbator as well, it’s where we find each other and exchange our naughty fantasies and experiences, and live vicariously through others that may have more experience than ourselves. There’s actually a much higher percentage than one would imagine on sites like this of adult virgins.


My Loins Are Plenty Warm – Your hard cock and dripping pussy are just craving for your hand to start to caress them and pump them. Warm yourself up in the best possible way. Find some of our erotic audios and erotic short stories to enjoy as you get yourself off with. Masturbation is fun and we all love it, or we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

New Year’s Masturbation Resolutions

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Watch Me Masturbate – With the coming New Year often times ones make New Year’s resolutions for things they’d like to change or improve for the new start that each year brings us. It may seem silly for ones to ponder how they can improve their masturbation routine, but you’d be surprised how much pleasure it can bring even more than just the physical sensations it does if you involve another person in it. It’s often surprising to me how many people are shy and won’t try new things because of fears they won’t be thought of as good enough by the other person, especially for web cam, they might be worried about their appearance or just privacy concerns.


Find Someone For Free Online Fun Tonight – Cyber sex, phone sex and web cam sex can all greatly enhance our otherwise solitary sexual enjoyment. If you’re looking for free mutual masturbation chat, the climaxconnection chat rooms have people looking for similar types of fun in them. There’s never a shortage of horny guys looking for action, and we have a surprisingly active and randy group of ladies as well. Never underestimate the value of a well written a and informative profile. When guys message me that have no words at all or maybe one sentence on their page and ask why they are ignored, why their messages are not replied to, it’s as plain as day why, yet doing a proper profile takes a few minutes to write out what you’re looking for and sound interesting. Hunting takes effort. You need to cast out a lot of lines to hook one, but if you do, it might have been worth the efforts. So make one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a few fun masturbation partners.


Sex Scenarios Galore – For cyber sex enthusiasts and ones into reading erotic short stories, they can find partners here and spend hours reading the contributions of our site authors, or write something and contribute it yourself. Why not put that fantasy down you’ve been getting off to for years, maybe others might find it arousing as well. A few of my own stories started as a fantasy that I spun into a whole story, it can be done and others enjoy you sharing it.