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The Importance Of Profile Pages

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Introduce Yourself – The importance of profile pages on an adult community website cannot be underestimated. If someone can’t even be bothered to upload an avatar, the chances they will fill out an interesting profile are not great either.


What Are You Looking For – This is your “resume” for the naughty world, listing your personal likes and dislikes and what exactly you are looking for on a site like this. People cannot read minds, they need to know what you are looking for to see if they are a match for your interests. You get out of a site like this what you put into it. If you have a detailed, interesting profile, some pictures, not even ones of yourself, but things you find of interest, participate in the forums and chat rooms, messaging others, if you put forth effort, you will likely find fun and entertainment there given enough hunting. If you create a username and have one sentence on your page, if that, what can you expect?


Let Your Personality Shine – Personalization, links to songs you like on Youtube, entertaining poems etc. Let people know about you and what you’re like. It’s like an online room of yours to decorate to show off your tastes. Make it inviting, share something different about yourself ones might not expect, something that will make you and your profile stand out. It’s online, it’s usually fairly anonymous, this isn’t Facebook, your boss and mom are not reading it, so I personally find you can be even more yourself than if everyone knew it was you. I don’t understand why ones feel the need to lie online. I find it much easier to be my real, true self. Feeling free to say things I’d never have the nerve to face to face. Be yourself, be real, don’t use your real pics if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, but put forth some effort and find what you seek.