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Relaxing Massage For Your Lover

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Massage For Lovers – Have you ever thought about using massage as a form of foreplay? Many of you probably only think of a massage as something you receive in a parlor. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy the soothing and relaxing aspects of a massage at home. You’ll save money and have the convenience of getting greasy in your own bed. That greasy feeling may end up helping you get lucky.

massage, rub down

Rub Me, Baby – What do you need to give a good massage? The truth is, you only need your hands. However, you may want to invest in some massage oil or lotion. Any type of lotion that you have in your house will more than likely do. You should also learn a few techniques on how to give a proper massage. You can do this by searching Google or YouTube. If you’re too lazy to do that, just start rubbing and squeezing. You’ll find out what your partner likes eventually. Why not make it a massage with a happy ending? Give your guy a hand job once the massage is all over. Guys, you can masturbate your woman as well. You can even use the massage as a way to arouse your partner. Touch all the places where they like to be touched.

massage, rub down

Feels So Good – The feeling of it being done with lotion or oil on your hands will make it more exciting. Don’t feel like you have to perform like one of those highly trained and experienced masseurs who work at a massage parlor. You’ll learn as you go. The most important part of arousal is the touching. Massaging your partner includes plenty of touching. Don’t go straight for the naughty bits when giving a massage. Work your way up to those areas. Doing so, will improve your chances of getting lucky.

Massage For Lovers

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Touch Me – The art of massage. Yes, massage is an art. Anyone that’s ever experienced a professional give a massage knows this first hand. It does take a professional to know all the right places to touch. With that said, massage can still be fun at home. You don’t have to be a professional and it can be very arousing. You can watch some YouTube videos or buy a book about the subject. There’s plenty of material out there on how to give massages. All that stuff will help you become better at giving massages.


Rub Me The Right Way – All you really need is a bottle of massage oil and you’re ready to go. The oil makes massages so much more enjoyable. It’s not necessary and you can give massages without oil. Massaging gives you a chance to touch your partner’s body. You’ll relax them and it’ll turn you on at the same time. This is the real beauty when it comes to giving massages. A massage can be thought of as foreplay in some regards. It can get the juices flowing and blood circulating. It’s impossible not to get aroused when you’re giving someone that’s fully nude a massage. You’ll want to get your partner as fully naked as possible. It’ll help you get them in the mood and give you something to enjoy while massaging them. Don’t be surprised if a massage leads to unintentional sex. It’ll happen more often than you think.

Slippery Strokes – It’s the real reason why you’re giving the rub down to begin with. Having someone else touch your body with slippery oily hands can be very arousing. Learn the art of massage and you’re sure to have more fun in the sack. This will be especially true if you’re giving the massages in bed. Start there and you’ll end up scoring more often than you think. It’s the best and only place you should be giving a massage.