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Tips on how to sext on Onlyfans

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OnlyFans is a very popular website these days for content creators, especially for ones in the naughtier realms of online teasing and pleasing. Not everyone is into phone sex or cam, some just like the art of texting, or in this case, “sexting.” many of the creators on there offer sexting sessions, you’d need to message them to find out, what their rates are and if they’d be interested in doing so. It’s not something everyone will offer. Many men find their masturbation experiences can be a lot more enjoyable when they are getting and sending live naughty sexts back and forth.

Once you and the creator of your choice decide how long and for how much, let the fun begin. Pictures can also be sent between the sexting message part, so all kinds of naughty pics can be shared. For someone seeking humiliation via sext, and yes, that definitely happens, it can be fun when the creator sends them a pic that they know will make the client wince. If they are into cock and ball torture, or being made to suck cock, a picture of those things will soon be popping up right in front of them to drive that point home.

If you want only the best of the best creators to be your sexting partner, why not go to and see them there. They will save you a lot of time searching on your own. So many guys love to show off their dick pics, sexting is a way for you to do so, some creators even offer dick rating services while you sext, so you can be sure they see them, and get your sexting in as well. Many guys DO love to be told how small and inadequate they really are when they send them their pics of their acorn sized dicks. Sharing dick pics, sexting, humiliation, just plain cyber, you choose. Pick the OnlyFans creator of your choice today and get sexting! Your dick will thank you.

How to Achieve Orgasm While Sexting 

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Stroking and Typing – Some of you reading this may think that cyber sex or sexting is a thing of the past. You may even remember back in the 90’s when people had cybersex in chat rooms. By today’s standards that seems very low tech, but back then, it was state of the art. The idea of beating your meat while talking to someone around the world was jaw-dropping. Fast forward it to the modern day and cybersex is still a thing. Sure, it’s something most people don’t do. They can easily talk on the phone, Skype, or even live cam. With that said, you should give cybersex chat rooms and sexting sites a try. Below we’re going to provide you with a brief description of both. They are two very different things should be approached as such.

What is Cyber Sex? – Cybersex is when you talk to someone sexually using mediums such as chat rooms, instant messengers, or other means of text communication. The critical thing here is that it’s back and forth chat that is usually instantaneous. It’s like phone sex, but you’re typing everything out. You’ve got to be pretty good at typing with one hand to pull this off.

Sexting Requires a Phone – Sexting uses text messages that you send back and forth to each other. They are generally sexual, but you’re probably not going to be masturbating while sexting. You should think of sexting as being more flirtatious than cybersex. When it comes to sexting, you’re trying to get each other’s juices flowing. It’s entirely possible that sexting could lead to cyber sex. The great thing about sexting is that the messages can be traded back and forth throughout the day, whereas cybersex is more akin to chatting in real time.

Do it with your lover or a stranger – Sexting and cybersex are great things to keep your relationship fresh. You can send your significant other messages throughout the day that are naughty. It always feels good to know that someone is thinking of you sexually. Though, you can also sext and have cybersex with strangers. No rule says you have to know the person. You can meet someone online and have a cybersex session. It’s a great way to release some sexual tension without having to worry about things such as sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Type Dirty To Me

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Sexy Texting – Many of you reading this know what sexting is. Quite a few of you have probably done it at least once. Sexting is sending dirty messages via text message. Think of it as cyber sex of the modern era. The mobile aspect of this is what’s the most attractive. You can sext just about anywhere your imagination will allow it. Just keep in mind you may not want to become fully aroused in some areas. You’re more than likely not going to be able to relieve your arousal while in public. Just something to keep in the back of your mind the next time your sexting while on the bus.

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Hot Messages – Why not sext with your partner? Sure, it’s not sex. Does it have to be? No it doesn’t. You don’t need to have sex with them to get all hot and bothered. Remember, sex isn’t just about pleasure. You’re trying to connect to your partner on a much deeper level. This is why sexting can be an important part of your relationship. It’ll enable you to maintain a level of sexual contact with your partner. You’ll be able to let them know you’re still interested with them. So, you don’t want to go full force and text your partner about anal sex? There are some people out there who aren’t really into the whole sexting thing. Still, you can flirt with them. You know the limits your partner is willing to go. Why not tell them how much you’re looking forward to a kiss later on today? Tell them how much you find them attractive.

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Naughty Letters – It’s important for your partner to know these things. Give sexting a try. Warm up to it. Don’t get dirty right away. You don’t have to write an erotic novel. All you’re trying to do is have a little fun with each other. Be creative. Explore and learn new things about each other. This is what can make sexting truly valuable. You can say things in a text message that may be uncomfortable in a one on one situation. Make the most of this technology and use it to enhance your love life.

Happy Sexting

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Sexy Sexting – Before sexting there was cyber sex. Computers came before cell phones and most used to use the computer for role playing and chatting naughty in either chat rooms or in instant message chat windows. Many find erotic chat and naughty messages more than enough to get aroused by, especially if you have a partner that’s a fast typist and with a good imagination that can easily paint pictures with their words.


Cyber For Cell Phones – Now, most people have cell phones and when they aren’t in front of an actual computer, they can get messages via text on their phones, naughty, sexual messages and pictures that can excite the ones they are sending them to. I’ve heard of some guys that like to text their lady friends when they are at work, to get them worked up there, or when the ladies are at home sitting next to their husbands or boyfriends and their cyber lover sends them a new pic of his cock with a steamy message attached. Everywhere you go you see people typing away on their phones, and who honestly knows what they are typing. Could be the grocery list, could be how they are looking forward to sliding their fingers into their soaked panties and rubbing their clit as they read the next message that comes in.


Naughty Behavior In Public – You could be in an office meeting with your boss and be sending pussy pics to your online masturbation partner at the same time. Better hope boss lady doesn’t peek over your shoulder while you’re sending saucy pics of your kitty over the interwebs! No matter the technology, have no doubt someone will quickly move to sexualize it and have it play a role in sex or masturbation in some capacity. If you’ve been looking for a sexting partner in our forums Invitation Only section is a good place to start searching. Many there are looking just like you are.