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Talking Dirty

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Talk Dirty To Me – Not everyone has a talent for talking dirty. Some seem to be born with it. Others, try as they might, just can’t seem to say the words and feel natural doing so. Some it rolls off of their tongue like honey, just easy as anything, while others sound absurd coming out with naughty phrases and words. It’s strange how some just have an aptitude for it and others you want to laugh when you hear them attempt it.


Phone Sex – None of us were born taking naughty, though we may have taken to swearing early for sure. *Raises hand*. I was called down to the principals office more times than I can remember due to my salty mouth, and guess who I learned my choice words from-Mom-so she didn’t really get mad when she’d get a call I was in the office again, it was sort of a joke really, the teachers getting so worked up over words. Not hurting anyone, not stealing anything, just swearing. I wonder what the teachers would think now knowing I make my living by talking dirty ? That would be hilarious to see their reactions, for sure.


Make Me Wet With Your Words – Talking dirty in bed can heighten things for many couples, especially ones that normally do not swear, the words have a power to them that they don’t for others, if they are reserved just for bedroom naughty talk. Some especially if their parents were opposed to swearing or if punishments were severe for doing it, the power those words have can be extremely sexually charged and bring things to a level of excitement they do not normally experience. Words only have the power we bestow upon them, so if you make kids think it’s a huge deal to swear, then the shock value is what they will be going for, let it slide and not so much power, not that you want your kids talking like Ozzy Osbourne, but you get the idea. Swearing and dirty talk have their place.