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Bedroom Fails

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limp cock

Limp As A Dishrag – You or your partner can’t get it up. It’s bound to happen at some point. No guy is superman when it comes to functioning in the sack. Here we’re going to give you some pointers how to deal with penile dysfunction. It does happen and it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The first thing you’re not going to want to do is point and laugh at your partner’s droopy penis. It might seem funny, but they’re not in a laughing mood. Having a limp noodle for a penis is no fun. It can make a man feel down right miserable when he can’t function in the bedroom.


Can’t Get It Up? – Making light of it will only make it worse. Try not to bring too much attention to the fact that your partner can’t get it up. You’re not going to want to seem out of the loop. Putting too much pressure on a guy won’t help at all. The more pressure on him means the less likely he’ll be able to get it up. All hope isn’t lost if you’re in this situation. Collect your thoughts and try again. Wait a minute or two and let the time pass. Regroup and try again. It could just be some kind of fluke. If you still can’t get it up, don’t worry. It’s normal and this sort of thing happens to every man at some point.


Go Downtown – This is when your oral sex skills come in handy. Just go down on her and finish the deed. Don’t spend too much time whining about not being able to get an erection. It doesn’t make you less of a man that you can’t get it up. It just means today is her lucky day and you’re going treat the woman of your dreams to oral sex. She’ll forget all about your erectile difficulties when she’s having an orgasm thanks to your tongue.

Oh Oh, What Have I Done?!

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What’s That Smell – I was reading some of the forums of a popular dating site recently and saw a humorous and embarrassing thread about ones that have, er, passed gas shall we say at inopportune romantic moments. It seems funny to some, but seems to have scarred others for life due to the embarrassment factor. Oh the tales I read…And there are many sites online that mention such horrible instances of women crying at the humiliation of such a thing happening, even though it’s an accident they can’t help.


Fart Fetish – I’d say no one does it on purpose, but not only is there a fart fetish of ones that actually enjoy a puff of gas in the face, there’s some that have actually done it on purpose to try and end an encounter not going well. Wow, that’s pretty bad. Cruel and unusual punishment! For ones without the fart fetish, it must prove a horrifying situation. In long term sexual relationships it’s much less of a drama causing situation, but with a new partner it could indeed be an incident of worry as to whether they may have turned off the new partner to such a degree they may not be able to face them again.


Gas In Your Ass – Needless to say it seems much more traumatic for both parties if it’s the woman that this happens to. They are more easily embarrassed, and men are less forgiving of these sorts of things in women. Sure they might laugh if their buddies let one rip, but in a lady? Ohhhh, not very lady like. Or else they might make fun and make their ladies embarrassment even worse. Try and be a gentleman if it happens and let it – excuse the phrase – blow over. Some sexual positions create an internal pressure that makes such incidents more possible, or if you’re relaxing enough to orgasm, such relaxing can also make it more probable. Some types of yoga have the same effect and ones have mentioned in yoga classes it happens. Try and avoid gassy foods before a planned romantic evening, and just pray you have an understanding partner if the worst “comes to pass”.