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Erotic Fiction To Enhance Your Masturbation

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Erotic Short Stories – Many people love to be titillated with erotic works of fiction. It’s often one of the first things we find to enjoy ourselves with when we are young and may not have had access to porn. Many today forget a lot of us were raised when there was no internet, perish the thought! How did we manage!? With erotic fiction. Often a family member might have had a racy book or two around, and it may very well have been all we had access to, we would picture with our mind’s eye all the naughty things people were getting up to in the stories.


Racy Writers – Some of us love to write. We simply have active imaginations and a seed will be planted in our mind to make a naughty story. A fantasy we wish to be fleshed out, a short real life experience that didn’t go very far that we wish had, so we embellish on it to make a story and share our dirty thoughts with others, so they too may garner enjoyment out of it as they masturbate. To properly weave a story that engages others is indeed a talent. A few dirty scenes can go a long way to get people horny and then get them off. Well written erotica can be very pleasing to masturbate with. Many people might not have the privacy to talk on the phone, but they can quietly masturbate as they read a juicy story or two.


Sexy Stories – Most of us are never going to have the recognition or popularity of Danielle Steel on such a scale, but many writers do gain a decent online following at erotic stories sites. It’s nice that everyday people can get a fan following that only a couple of decades ago would only be reserved for authors of published books. Sites like this make it possible for everyone to share their stories and fantasies they have brought to life by writing them out. If you write erotic short stories, do please submit your original works and see what kind of a following you can get from our members.

Tell Me A Dirty Story

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Tell Me A Story – Erotic fiction is one of the oldest masturbation enhancement tools going. Television has been around less than 100 years, movies just a bit longer, photographs less than 200 years. Before porn as most people know it, you had a couple of options to make your “alone time” a bit more stimulating, erotic art, which was not in high circulation, or erotica. Also not in terribly high circulation, but if you had a talent for writing, something you could write down yourself and then revisit later, when you felt like being naughty, you had some masturbation material.


Erotic Fiction – Painting pictures with your words is not a talent that everyone has. Many people are simply not gifted as writers to put their thoughts on paper and make them sound appealing and interesting. Good erotic fiction writers can make the pages smolder of the dirty books. They can get your loins warm and wet, your cock hard and throbbing, all with words, which set off a mini movie in our minds of the action we are reading about. Masturbation before widely available porn was a trial for many! Most of human history obviously. Today’s generation of 25 year olds and less take the internet for granted, porn, pics, erotic literature is just a few clicks away.


Sex Stories – Many fantasies and stories, countless millions of them, are now available on any topic, any fetish, no matter how naughty you desire. Some people are too shy to record their fantasies, for fear of being judged. Most fantasies never will come to be a reality, they are the dark corners of our mind revealed, and many times it can be easier to write things down for some than to express them verbally. Lots of fantasies we have are best left in the realm of just that, our mind. Really making most of them happen wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly live up to the expectation we have made it to be. And for ones that have sexual fantasies that would be illegal if we made them a reality, those likely are most certainly best left in the corners of our mind or a story we write about them.

New Year’s Masturbation Resolutions

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Watch Me Masturbate – With the coming New Year often times ones make New Year’s resolutions for things they’d like to change or improve for the new start that each year brings us. It may seem silly for ones to ponder how they can improve their masturbation routine, but you’d be surprised how much pleasure it can bring even more than just the physical sensations it does if you involve another person in it. It’s often surprising to me how many people are shy and won’t try new things because of fears they won’t be thought of as good enough by the other person, especially for web cam, they might be worried about their appearance or just privacy concerns.


Find Someone For Free Online Fun Tonight – Cyber sex, phone sex and web cam sex can all greatly enhance our otherwise solitary sexual enjoyment. If you’re looking for free mutual masturbation chat, the climaxconnection chat rooms have people looking for similar types of fun in them. There’s never a shortage of horny guys looking for action, and we have a surprisingly active and randy group of ladies as well. Never underestimate the value of a well written a and informative profile. When guys message me that have no words at all or maybe one sentence on their page and ask why they are ignored, why their messages are not replied to, it’s as plain as day why, yet doing a proper profile takes a few minutes to write out what you’re looking for and sound interesting. Hunting takes effort. You need to cast out a lot of lines to hook one, but if you do, it might have been worth the efforts. So make one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a few fun masturbation partners.


Sex Scenarios Galore – For cyber sex enthusiasts and ones into reading erotic short stories, they can find partners here and spend hours reading the contributions of our site authors, or write something and contribute it yourself. Why not put that fantasy down you’ve been getting off to for years, maybe others might find it arousing as well. A few of my own stories started as a fantasy that I spun into a whole story, it can be done and others enjoy you sharing it.

Tell Me A Story

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Tell Me A Story – Erotic short fiction can be just the fan to flame your already smoldering desire and enhance your masturbation experience. Maybe the next time you have a passionate evening planned, try reading a few naughty stories before hand and see just how much more aroused you become when you’ve read the naughty scenarios and are primed to play afterwards. Erotica is one of the earliest and most creative forms of “porn”. You are painting a picture with your words and descriptions and your mind plays out the little movie that it creates, arousing you.


Erotica Stokes Your Desire – Many men are obviously into the visuals that are porn, a lot of women though and many men, enjoy a good, racy story. It’s exciting to read what another person has written that they find sexually arousing that you can then play out with your own mind visualizing it. You can easily become wet or hard while reading erotica without even touching yourself, merely imagining the things you are reading about. That it is you in the role that is being seduced and teased. Way back before the internet, when porn wasn’t just a click away, to find a racy book would be a real treat and in many cases was all you’d have to enhance your masturbation.


Written Masturbation Material – I can’t even count the number of times after school I’d “borrow” one of my mom’s naughty books and masturbate to the same few pages of my favorite sections over and over. Before the internet, these were the things we did. We managed with what we had and were grateful for anything in the least bit naughty. Many have said romance novels are like porn for women, and some such books can have very arousing and graphic passages, that no doubt many have masturbated with. Erotic short stories are an excellent way to spice up your masturbation!

Rev Up Your Imagination

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Erotic Shosexystoriesrt Stories – Sexy stories can rev up the imagination and sex drives of many. Erotic fiction has been around a lot longer than porn and ones have been using it for masturbation enhancement for thousands of years. The written word has been around for a long time, not so for photographs or moving pictures required for porn. The written words can paint quite an arousing and graphic picture to feed your erotic imagination.


Written Erotica – Sexy stories sites are very much dependent on users to submit their original works. A community of people that enjoy reading and writing is crucial to a site that has a stories section. Not everyone is suited to write, and by the same token some that write themselves do not always read the works of others. Some prefer just to write and know their creations are being enjoyed by others. Many use the sexy stories to get even hornier before they indulge in either masturbation alone, or before looking to find ones to have phone sex, cam sex or cyber sex with.


Once Upon A Time – Many that enjoy sexy stories are also into cyber sex. The written word is a powerful thing. Some books have been banned because of that power. Stories and the written word live on much longer than the ones that wrote them. It’s an amazing thing when you think of it. That ones can read the words and feel the feeling an author recorded hundreds of years ago. Now ones submitting stories here at Climax Connection are not using old stories, but it’s always nice to share with others your thoughts, fantasies and ideas for others to ponder.