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Older People & Intimacy

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Use It Or Lose It – Today there are more older people having sex than ever before. This may be shocking to some of you. Those of you who are in this growing population aren’t so surprised at all. In fact, some older communities are having sex more frequently than their younger counterparts. Here are a few tips that every aging sex lover should know. Don’t think you know all the ropes just yet. Even an old dog can be taught a new trick or two. The first tip is the most important. Don’t make any sudden movements that may throw out your back. That may sound funny to someone who’s not aging and limber.

mature, older woman, older couple

Take It Easy – Sex is an act that requires the use of many muscles. You can easily throw your back out while having a little fun in the sack. Take it easy grandpa. There’s no need to pay a special visit to the chiropractor. The second is one that may sound a little familiar. Only have sex if your heart is healthy enough for it. You’ve probably heard that in an advertising for a certain blue pill. This is advice every aging person needs to hear. Just because you can get it up, doesn’t mean you should try to use it. If your heart can’t take it, then don’t even attempt to have sex. A soothing cup of tea is right up your alley instead.

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Act Smart – The last tip is the most important. Don’t forget to use protection. Just because your days of reproducing are long gone doesn’t mean you can’t catch a disease. You may be surprised to find out that there’s an increase in elderly people transmitting STDs to each other. Invest in a box of condoms and relearn how to use them. Protecting you and your partner is more important now than it ever has been before.