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Shaving Your Partner

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Smooth As Silk – Are you ready for something kinky that’s not like anything you’ve ever done before? If so, then break out your razor blades. Have you ever thought about shaving your partner’s pubic area? If not, it might be something to consider. It’s not exactly as romantic as a candle lit dinner. Not everything has to involve romance. This is especially the case if you’re sick and tired of getting a mouthful of hair when you go down on your partner. You’ll kill two birds with one stone when you shave your partner down there.


Hair Be Gone – Most of you reading this are familiar with shaving. Just remember that it’s more sensitive down there. That means you’re going to want to be extra careful when shaving. You also want to use a brand new razor blade. A dull razor can lead to nicks and cuts. The last thing you want is to have either of those things anywhere near your privates. You’ll also want to have all the normal shaving supplies on hand. You may even want to buy something different for sensitive areas. It all depends on what type of skin you have.


Easy Does It – Take it nice and slow and don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy the process and get to know your partner’s pubic area better. You can also think of this as an exercise in trust. You’ve got to trust your partner when it comes to allowing them to use something sharp down there. The only thing left to do then is to enjoy your hard work. You’ll be surprised by just how different your next sexual experience will be without all that pubic hair. Get creative and shave things into each other. This is the kind of fun that only couples can have. Get those creative juices flowing!

Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

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This is a guest blog submission by Climax Connection member, Random Writer.

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Honey, I’m Bald Down There! – What’s one thing that would surprise your partner like nothing else? Shaving your pubic hair would do just that. This is one for all of you that have a full bush all year long. Imagine how your partner would react if they saw your genitals and they were totally hair free? It certainly would peak their interest a little.


Just Try And See – Many of you may have thought about shaving your private area or getting rid of the hair down there using another method. It’s not something you should fear and it’s actually quite easy. You can even go in for a waxing and they’ll do it for you. That is, if you’re comfortable with the idea of a stranger ripping out your pubic hair. You can even buy creams that will quickly remove the hair with little to no work. Make sure that you don’t tell your partner in advance what your plans are. You want it to be a total surprise. The look on their face will be priceless when they see you totally bald down there.


Manscaping – It’s an experience that both people will never forget. Keep in mind it’s not something that you have to do all the time. It very well could be a once in a lifetime thing. Give it a try and see what your partner thinks of it. Guys, you may even think your cock looks bigger after removing all that hair. Just another reason why you may consider doing some grooming down there  in between your legs.

You Dirty, Hairy Animal

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Manscaping – The results that are showing on the homepage poll for pubic hair grooming habits gave me the idea for this topic. Many people are not just worried about the pubic hair situation, but for the guys, and I guess some hairy gals, the butt situation. There are some beyond horrifying pics online if you dare to Google “hairy ass”. There will always be people that like to leave things alone, let themselves grow natural. All I will say is wiping peanut butter out of a shag carpet and leave it at that.


Wax On Wax Off – Can you stand the pain of waxing? I can honestly say I do not have the courage to have hot wax smoothed over my naughty bits and have it ripped out by the roots. I choose shaving over the waxing for my pubic area. I do think everyone looks best hair free from the eyes down. I’d love to go for lasering, but I worry about the pain of that too, and that requires several treatments, and is only good for hair that is still colored, if you have started to go white or grey, the lasering will not work, as it works on the pigment, and once you start to lose that, it will not remove the hair. Now I can’t see if any hairs down there, the shaved bits in the stubble that is, if they are grey or white, but considering I got my first white hair on my head at 13, I’m betting yes, I color my hair on my head. So lasering is likely not going to be the best solution.


Chewbacca Ass – I really feel for guys that look like swamp thing or a gorilla, it must be a nightmare living like that, the lifetime of hair, either looking like a beast, or the constant, time consuming, expensive and often painful routine of hair removal. One guy I chatted with endured regular butt and ass waxings since he was into getting rimmed. Now I don’t care if there wasn’t one whisker down there, I’d never do that, but he seemed to be able to find gals willing to lick his ass, so a Brazilian was what he did to keep it bare for the brave souls that ventured down there. So if a tongue up your ass is your goal, or just to look not like a wild beast, perhaps hair removal is something you should pay some mind to.

By the way, please watch the video below, it is absolutely hilarious!

Get Into The Smooth Groove…

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Smooth As Silk – To shave or not to shave, that is the queshaving3stion…The times they are a changin’. When I was growing up, I never even heard of people shaving “down there”. I started growing pubic hair at age 7, so was used to having it. The thought of getting rid of it just wasn’t in my mind until my 20’s. I’m not quite sure why I started trimming it, it just seemed to get in the way. Sometimes it would tug as I walked and didn’t feel pleasant. So I started to trim it, then soon realized, what is all this trimming for, just shave it off and be done with it.


There Ain’t Nothin’ But Sex Goin’ On Down There – No going back from there, once I felt bare, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this years ago. No more tugging as I walked. It felt better, looked better, I felt so much cleaner, even though I shower every day. It’s like once you do it, you can’t fathom going back to hair. I haven’t the tolerance for the pain of waxing. That would be nice to be stubble free, but a few times a week with an electric razor will have to do, I can’t abide the bumps that come with using safety razors!


Sasquatch Snatch No More – Since the popularity of home porn rose and most porn stars being shaved nowadays, the trend continued in the watching public as well, and now ones consider it part of their regular grooming habits. Now the thought of hair down there is unthinkable to me. I think everyone should shave, it only takes a few minutes a couple times a week and makes everything so much fresher and cleaner and better looking. Some guys, usually older ones that were used to seeing pubic hair, seem to prefer a bush, but I don’t understand that, seems ungroomed to me and they won’t be finding it on me! If they want to get it on with ungroomed werewolves, all I can say to them is have fun with that.


Kiss My Pussy – I don’t get this whole comparison to looking like a child if you are shaved, that’s just silly. They don’t balk at shaved underarms looking like a child, and that’s also a grooming, odor thing. Smooth feels best. To masturbate right after a fresh shave, all smooth, oh I love it when I get a phone date right after I have shaved, just feels so much sexier! If two hair lovers get together, by all means, bring out your inner werewolf, but if someone asks you to get bare, don’t think twice about it.


Shaving tips – I can tell you right now, a blade razor is not for me. I have tried it and gotten red, itchy bumps that cause much itching and grief. If you can without such issues, lucky you, go for it. I have answered this many times on forums from girls, and guys, asking what can they do to avoid the bumps.

After you shower and are dried off, apply very liberal amounts of cornstarch baby powder, it’s much, much finer than regular baby powder, apply it to the entire area to be shaved. Standing in the shower is best so excess powder will fall into the shower/tub bottom and can be rinsed away. Get an electric razor and shave through the powder. Shaving this way causes no skin drag, no chance of cuts, nicks, and pretty well zero irritation.