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More Cushion To The Pushin’

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Bigger Is Better – Are you a plus sized gal that’s always worried about her size and wonder if guys will like you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of guys that go for big girls and adore having sex with them. A softer, more voluptuous body can feel a lot better than a boney one. Most guys adore bigger breasts and a bigger ass to go along with it. And they feel they don’t have to be as gentle thrusting into a bigger girl than some scrawny twig they fear they may injure. More cushion to the pushin’ ideed!


More To Love – Sex should be enjoyable no matter our size. Many times you may find a bigger girl has a big appetite in all areas, a lusty, earthy disposition in all areas is usual in many cases. A good sized appetite for food and sex, all pleasures of the flesh are to be enjoyed and cherished. I can think of several larger people off the top of my head and they all had big appetites across the board, for food, alcohol and sex. Very earthy folks…And I have heard a gynocological nurse say bigger girls have tighter pussies too. The Dr.’s many times have to use a smaller speculum in bigger girls since the weight and size pushes them closer together inside making them feel tighter.


Squeeze Me – When you think of someone so skinny, that Victoria Beckham comes to mind, one guy I chat with refers to her as “The Stick Insect”, you just can’t imagine anyone so thin having much energy for sex, they’d be too hungry and the guy might crack a rib or something on her! Some men even like supersized gals and have a fetish for them. One told me he loved girls over 400 lbs, now that’s very big for sure, double what most guys would weigh. People do have their different tastes though for sure. So don’t feel bad if you’re a big girl, lots of guys are loving to tap that!