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Valentine’s Day For You and Your Lover

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Valentine's Day, romance, couples, love, relationships

A Day Of Romance – Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Guys often make the mistake of thinking that this is just another commercial holiday. A day meant for nothing more than spending your money. There may be some truth in all of this. That’s not the way you want to approach this day though. If you do, be prepared for all out war. Your woman is never going to understand why you think it’s not a good idea to celebrate a manufactured holiday. Don’t even think about going there.

Valentine's Day, romance, couples, love, relationships

Symbols Of Love – For most couples Valentine’s Day is about more than just expensive gifts. It’s a day where you can celebrate your relationship. You can openly discuss why you’re in love with each other. This is the true value of Valentine’s Day. A box of chocolates or even holiday sex is less important than this. That may seem far fetched to all of you who very rarely get any action. It truly is more about more than just a quick romp in the sack. People need to have the reason why their partner loves them reaffirmed. It’s sad to think that a holiday is the day most people will choose to do this.

Valentine's Day, romance, couples, love, relationships

Express Your Love – The most important lesson about Valentine’s Day can be learned simply by listening. Take a moment and share with each other why you’re in love. Don’t be shy and never hold back. You shouldn’t need a special day of the year to tell your partner why you love them. This should be done every day. Not everyone is good when it comes to expressing their feelings. This is something that every person needs to get use to. The relationship cannot grow if there is no honesty. There will be times when you need to tell your partner that you’re not happy. Just like there will be times when you tell them you’ve never been happier in your entire life. The full spectrum of emotion should be expected throughout the duration of any relationship.

Valentine's Day, romance, couples, love, relationships

Enjoy The Love – Take this day and enjoy it the way you see fit. Splurge and buy your partner something they like. Take a moment that just a few minutes to yourselves. Reaffirm to each other the values of your relationships. Love is the most beautiful thing any human will ever experience. The hope should be that you get to enjoy it every day and not just once a year. Work towards this and make every day Valentine’s Day. It’s not easy, but to reward is well worth it.

Valentine’s Day Fun

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My Horny Valentine – Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again. Many on Climax Connection have no partners, so we come here to try and find masturbation partners to jazz up our solitary sex lives. Others here may have partners, but they may have ones with a much lower sex drive than they do, so they seek some fun on the side. Totally understandable and a healthy outlet. Many come and seek online fun rather than real life encounters, since it’s safer, no actual contact is involved in online fun.

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Romance & Blindfolds – many members on this site can be a little…kinky. They like naughty games, maybe with blindfolds, handcuffs, BDSM, all sorts of delicious delights that can heighten sexual sensitivities. Those sorts of kinky games are not for everyone that comes to a site like this looking for masturbation partners, but many do have these interests they might be a bit too shy to ask their wife or girlfriend to take part in, so they may have roleplay’s or cyber sex sessions with others here that have the same sorts of fantasies they do. Find your kink online with other members.


Sex It Up – Not all guys are going to want to go whole hog with their girls on Valentine’s Day and bring them candy, flowers, wine, and jewelry, and take us out for a nice dinner and have some sexy lingerie waiting for us laid out on the rose petal covered bed, although we’d likely all like it if you did. Yes, it’s clichéd, but it’s still very welcomed! I doubt any guy though is going to turn down some hot sex with his sweetheart. Get out the chocolate body paints, massage oils, there’s all kinds of fun and romantic things you can do. Valentine’s Day is great, but as special as it is, these little things are great any day of the year and shouldn’t only be hauled out for special holidays. A massage any month is a welcome treat, so is a nice dinner out or a box of our favorite candy. Romance has no date on it and doesn’t need to be used sparingly.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Isn’t It Romantic – Valentine’s Day can be very romantic for one if they are part of a couple. If alone, not so much. It can actually make you bitter and angry! Looking at all the couples hand in hand and swooning over one another to the single person can make them pretty much go, “Barf, gag!” Lovely dovey is nice if you’re one of them, lonely if you’re not. Many that are couples they can still feel alone, you have no idea how many people I talk to that are part of a couple yet are “alone” in sexless relationship.


Love Is In The Air – If you are lucky enough to be in a healthy, satisfying relationship, do what you can to keep it that way and keep it fresh and exciting and filled with hot sex and spontaneity. There’s no need to spend lots of money, as some have been doing. Many say it’s becoming like Christmas, too commercialized and benefiting mainly greeting card companies, and florists and candy factories. A lovely dinner at home or out can be just fine for couples on a budget. There’s no need to spend a fortune and go into debt.


I Love You SO Much – Valentine’s Day has also been one of the most popular days for couples to get engaged. Love is just in the air surrounding that time and many of us hope Cupids arrow will hit our intended target. I recall once I made pink heart shaped sugar cookies for a guy I had a crush on and had my mom deliver them, oh God, I wince at such antics… I didn’t get him anyway, but I tried. I thought the cookies were appropriate and got the point across.