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clone a willy
I Need Your Cock – Does your boyfriend or husband go away a lot on business? Or do you have a long distance relationship with someone? Or maybe you play with with someone regularly online but will never get to meet them, but fantasize about their cock and how it would feel to have it inside of you since you’ll likely never get the real thing from them.

Man Masturbating #1

Take Masturbation To The Next Level – A kit like this is the perfect idea for you for all of those scenarios. You can get your man to make a clone of his own cock for you to enjoy in his absence. Imagine feeling the exact replica of their cock inside of you when they themselves are thousands of miles away! No generic store brand dildo for you, you can have their exact cock shape inside of you as you masturbate, perhaps while talking to them on the phone. What a hot phone sex date that would be, using their “cock” inside of you as you played together on cam or on the phone.


Sex Toys For Your Pussy – Online sex shops have thousands of different products featured on them, sure you can choose from tons of dildos out there, but wouldn’t one made from the guy you desire so much mean more than just any old toy? It would for sure, the thought of having the cock inside of you of your online lover you will never have for real is very exciting indeed. If you have thought of this, ask your online lover if they would considering making a duplicate of their cock for you to enjoy. I bet they will.

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