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This is the first guest blog submission by a ClimaxConnection member. This submission was written by member, YourMister_Dark. 


I Like You A Lot – Can you have online friends with benefits? Cyber fuck buddies ? Why not? One night hookups don’t really give you that deeper thrill, do they? It might be great once, but so is making sweet cyber love with someone you actually converse with regularly.


Cyber Sex – Relationships are in a flux these days with people carving our ways to satisfy their various wants and needs and – while it can be really good – sometimes the connection gets a bit too much. It’s not that you’re not committed, but the long run can get to be too much. I’m not talking players here who jump ship after one night of getting off, but people you frequently chat with, that you’ve shared laughs with, that are nice and good people. So why not cyber with them sometimes, too? If the moods mesh and the time feels right, we can all slip into that sudden or friendly intimacy that leads to fun and caring cyber sex . Without, I might add, all the drama that can seep into and kill those good feelings.


That’s What Friends Are For – Admittedly, this type of relationship is not for everyone. Some people’s emotions just can’t adapt to a laissez-faire thing.  And many people say that sex ruins friendships, but consider why that happens: jealousy and possessiveness or feelings of being taken for granted and loss of respect.


You’re The One That I Want – But really, those are old school attitudes and sometimes even immature. When you’re an adult, you come to realize that “the One” can be a dream that reality doesn’t manage all that well. In a lifetime, there can be many “Ones” with whom you share some intimate moments as well as fun times. And sexy times, too.


Cyber Slut – In cyber world, there really are no “slut walks of shame” unless you allow there to be. I also expect that many chatters and members of this site already have some experience with “intimate chat” and enjoy it for what it is, when it is. Let’s be adult, mature cyberers, with an understanding that we can be friends as well as lovers, care givers as well as chat buddies, people who are open to sharing their wants and needs, sexually as well as socially. We are the future and the future is now.

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