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Cyber Sex

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Type Sexy To Me – Many people come to adult chat sites like this one looking for cyber sex. As much as I adore phone sex, I do realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Ones into cyber sex are often much more concerned about remaining anonymous than ones looking to phone.


Sizzling Cyber Sex – An obvious fact many that engage in cyber sex don’t want to really face, especially if they are men, is that their cyber partner may in fact be another man. Many know this is a possibility, but they seem to try and put this in the back of their mind and not focus on it. Some are able to accept things at face value in this particular realm of online sexual fantasy. Sometimes they simply don’t want to know. Many into cyber sex are also into role playing and when they find another to instantly exchange sexually charged messages with, they feel a real connection and are able to masturbate and lose themselves in the words their cyber sex partner is painting into a graphically sexual picture.


Raunchy Roleplay – Not everyone has the writing talent to craft entire erotic short stories, but many have enough to create much shorter and simpler sexual scenarios describing what they would like to be doing to their partner. I don’t know how you can be typing with one hand, thinking of stuff to type and masturbating all at the same time. Seems waaaay to much effort for my tastes, but cybering does have its fans looking in adult chat rooms for others to erotically type back and forth with.