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Cyber Sex Fans

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Type Sexy To Me – Many people that visit adult chat sites such as this one are very much into and looking for cyber sex. Lots of people that enjoy reading and writing like to carry that talent over into their sexual outlets as well and many times that includes cyber sex . Reading arousing words for many is well, arousing, but getting to see them pop up before your very eyes from someone you are very much attracted to is sexually charged and makes you very horny if that is an interest of yours.


Enhance Your Masturbation – Some people are fast typers and this makes it more enjoyable, since slow typers may lose the interest of the one they are typing to. I can’t imagine trying to type one handed as I masturbate with the other, but for some they seem to enjoy it obviously. If you’re into this, perhaps you can find someone to play with in our chat rooms, we do have a room just for cyber sex aficionado’s. Find a partner to exchange sexy scenarios and role plays with and cum until your balls are drained and your pussy is numb from cumming so much.


Sizzling Cyber Sex – Lots of times authors of the erotic short stories we have here are also into cyber sex, being the lovers of words and painting pictures with their descriptive abilities. Not all authors are into cyber sex, this is true, but you will have to see if you can find someone and see how much they can arouse you with their words. A way into a woman’s panties is through her ears, or in the case of cyber sex, her eyes, since she will be reading the words your write to her. Love letters have always been around, so the power of words has always been with us, just not communicated instantly, imagine a love letter written in pen and ink that would take weeks or even months to arrive? And now words are transmitted across the globe nearly instantly, it’s a very different world we live in nowadays.

Rev Up Your Imagination

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Erotic Shosexystoriesrt Stories – Sexy stories can rev up the imagination and sex drives of many. Erotic fiction has been around a lot longer than porn and ones have been using it for masturbation enhancement for thousands of years. The written word has been around for a long time, not so for photographs or moving pictures required for porn. The written words can paint quite an arousing and graphic picture to feed your erotic imagination.


Written Erotica – Sexy stories sites are very much dependent on users to submit their original works. A community of people that enjoy reading and writing is crucial to a site that has a stories section. Not everyone is suited to write, and by the same token some that write themselves do not always read the works of others. Some prefer just to write and know their creations are being enjoyed by others. Many use the sexy stories to get even hornier before they indulge in either masturbation alone, or before looking to find ones to have phone sex, cam sex or cyber sex with.


Once Upon A Time – Many that enjoy sexy stories are also into cyber sex. The written word is a powerful thing. Some books have been banned because of that power. Stories and the written word live on much longer than the ones that wrote them. It’s an amazing thing when you think of it. That ones can read the words and feel the feeling an author recorded hundreds of years ago. Now ones submitting stories here at Climax Connection are not using old stories, but it’s always nice to share with others your thoughts, fantasies and ideas for others to ponder.

The Art of Sensual Chat

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about to kiss

This is a guest blog submission by a ClimaxConnection member. This submission was written by member, YourMister_Dark. 

Erotic Talk – Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you can always learn to be better at chatting.  From the old rough days of BBSes right up to the most modern cam-, Skype, or cyber chatting, the lessons of good communication have never been more important and one of the key notes to hit is empathy.  Not sympathy, but empathy: the ability to “feel’ as others feel, instinctively.


Hot Talking – Empathy allows you to “tune in” on people’s feelings, moods, and even unspoken attitudes.  We all know about communication disasters when two chatters lock horns (not in a good way) because their moods don’t mesh or compliment each other in the right way.  And while women seem to have a stronger sense of empathy, guys need to tune in as well.


Hot Chat – If you think — as many guys sadly do — that you can just jump right in, metaphorically or on cam wave your magic wang and get lucky, think again.  Good erotic communication is not like a porn clip or that rampant sex scene in your head.  First off, most women chatters of any persuasion want to know who they’re fucking, even if you start off as a “stranger”.  They’re opening themselves up on a very intimate level, after all, and whether they want a hard, fast quickie or a long, sensual, slow scene, they very rarely respond to crude and rude pickup lines.  “I have a big cock” or “I want to fuck you so hard” or even “Wanna fuck” might work after they’ve got to know you, but hardly ever if it’s the first thing you type to them.  Ladies like to be seduced.  Well, truth be told, so do some men, but guys seldom take the time for that to happen.  And, fellows, remember, if all you want is that quick satisfaction then the pleasure of it is going to fade away just as quick.  The “three minute wonder” is rapidly forgettable, even if it succeeds.


Seduce Me With Your Words – Sensual chat is something else altogether.  It’s friendly, fun, provocative, smart, and sexy without being too crude.  It’s never rude, not confrontational, never insulting.  It can be clever, should be fresh and even creative.  Use your mind, your imagination, be direct and honest, but seductive and fun.

Online Relationships – Friends with Benefits

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This is the first guest blog submission by a ClimaxConnection member. This submission was written by member, YourMister_Dark. 


I Like You A Lot – Can you have online friends with benefits? Cyber fuck buddies ? Why not? One night hookups don’t really give you that deeper thrill, do they? It might be great once, but so is making sweet cyber love with someone you actually converse with regularly.


Cyber Sex – Relationships are in a flux these days with people carving our ways to satisfy their various wants and needs and – while it can be really good – sometimes the connection gets a bit too much. It’s not that you’re not committed, but the long run can get to be too much. I’m not talking players here who jump ship after one night of getting off, but people you frequently chat with, that you’ve shared laughs with, that are nice and good people. So why not cyber with them sometimes, too? If the moods mesh and the time feels right, we can all slip into that sudden or friendly intimacy that leads to fun and caring cyber sex . Without, I might add, all the drama that can seep into and kill those good feelings.


That’s What Friends Are For – Admittedly, this type of relationship is not for everyone. Some people’s emotions just can’t adapt to a laissez-faire thing.  And many people say that sex ruins friendships, but consider why that happens: jealousy and possessiveness or feelings of being taken for granted and loss of respect.


You’re The One That I Want – But really, those are old school attitudes and sometimes even immature. When you’re an adult, you come to realize that “the One” can be a dream that reality doesn’t manage all that well. In a lifetime, there can be many “Ones” with whom you share some intimate moments as well as fun times. And sexy times, too.


Cyber Slut – In cyber world, there really are no “slut walks of shame” unless you allow there to be. I also expect that many chatters and members of this site already have some experience with “intimate chat” and enjoy it for what it is, when it is. Let’s be adult, mature cyberers, with an understanding that we can be friends as well as lovers, care givers as well as chat buddies, people who are open to sharing their wants and needs, sexually as well as socially. We are the future and the future is now.

Secret Fun

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I’ve Got A Secret – If you have a partner, should you tell them about your forays into online fun? This is a common question and worry I read about in forums about people in relationships. I have seen profiles with text on them that said things like, “Got a gf now, so long everyone!”


Life’s A Banquet And Most Poor Bastards Are Starving – I guess if many find real life fun, the draw of online fun lessens. Real trumps imagined. Many in real relationships though are not getting much sex, either due to lack of interest on their partners part, health issues of their partner, boredom, all kinds of reasons. Online fun is a much needed outlet for many individuals not getting any, or not getting enough at home. Should a partner worry or feel threatened, 99% of the time, not at all. Variety is the spice of life and if people are content to remain in sexless relationships, they at least need some outlet to express their sexuality in. Whether that’s cyber sex, phone sex, camming, or simply hanging out in adult chat rooms at all.


Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It – There was a forum post I answered recently some place and this poor bastard was feeling guilty since he was into cam sex and his wife would only give him sex 5-6 times a year. How insane he should feel guilty over that! It’s sad how many are living lives of quiet desperation and guilt over nothing. Everyone has the right to private lives, you do not owe full disclosure to anyone. Enjoy yourself and get your enjoyment where you can. An adult chat room or online fun is nothing to feel guilty about unless it’s making you forgo other routine activities you are a part of.