Dirty Words

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Searching For Cyber Sex – Lots of people are on the cyber sex bandwagon these days. Sexy type chat as both parties, usually both anyway, masturbate. For hearing impaired people, this would be an excellent choice to spice up your masturbation routine. Yes, they’d be able to watch porn, but that’s not interactive the way it is if you add another person to the mix, and phone sex wouldn’t work for ones that were deaf obviously. Many blind people are into erotic audios, I’d think cyber sex would be fairly big among the deaf crowd.


Silent & Private – Some people don’t get into phone sex because they worry about privacy issues, roommates or family possibly hearing them talking to someone, or the naughty things they might be saying, but cyber sex is silent except for the keys typing away or your moans of ecstasy as you masturbate. Looking for good cyber partners can be a challenge for ones that are into it, they often gravitate towards chat rooms where they might find like minded others also looking to masturbate this way and have some hot chat between them.


Steamy, Erotic Words – Not many men are into romance novels like women, but lots of guys do enjoy erotica, especially the back and forth kind like good cyber sex can bring. A worry for many guys though, is who are they really cybering with, is it another guy? If you don’t hear their voice, you really have no idea. Most don’t want to think of the possibility, but I guess you just have to lose yourself into the fantasy and not really worry about it. Enjoy the time removed away from reality and the hot words and the pictures those words paint and try not to focus on anything more. Do you really want to know? If you truly did, you’d be into cam or phone. It’s fantasy, relax. Enjoy your masturbation!

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