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Sex & Food – Most people don’t think about what foods they shouldn’t eat before having sex. You should. Here we’re going to tell you what foods you need to avoid before having some fun in the sack. There are plenty of healthy things that may not be such a great idea to chow down on before sex. Let’s talk about these. The first thing is alcohol. Sure, a drink or two is fine. Anything more than that and the guy may have problems getting it up. Keep the drinking to a minimum and your boner should be fine.

I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing – Avoid eating big meals before hopping in bed. You don’t want to be weighted down by loads of food in your stomach. You’ll end up feeling sluggish and not able to perform at your very best. Eat light before having sex and you’ll have a much better experience. Avoid foods that cause gas at all costs. The last thing you want is to be farting up a storm when your partner goes down on you. At first you may get a giggle or two out of it. Those giggles will turn into gags in no time flat. Save the refried beans and egg rolls for another day. Frequent gas in the bedroom will lead to your partner hightailing it out of there.


Smell Sweet For Your Partner – Think before you eat and it’ll make the nighttime experience a hundred percent better. You should also try to avoid any foods that cause bad breath. This includes dishes heavy on the garlic and onions. Most people don’t consider garlic breath to be all that romantic. You’d be surprised how little gum or mints actually work to cover up bad breath. Skip the onion on your sandwiches and the garlic in the pasta sauce. You’re not giving it up for an entire lifetime. You’re just trying to make having some fun in the bedroom pleasant and not something your partner will regret.

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