Improve Your Sex Life

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masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Stop Masturbating? – Want to improve the quality of sex that you have? Give up masturbating. The world isn’t coming to an end. You don’t need to hide beneath your bed. Masturbation is a great tool for those who aren’t getting any sex. This article isn’t for those of you that don’t get laid. Masturbation can ruin your sexual appetite. It can make you not want to have sex with your partner. Ever wonder why your partner isn’t chasing you around the house begging for sex? They’re probably masturbating and it’s taking away their urge to have sex. This has a negative impact on several aspects of a relationship.

masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Build Up Your Sexual Appetite – All of which will eventually trickle right down into the bedroom. Don’t allow your natural sex drive to be tampered down by masturbating. There’s nothing wrong with being horny. Allowing yourself to be horny will make your partner feel more attractive. Masturbation can dull your senses and make you less interested in your partner. This is the true hazard of playing with yourself. It’s not going blind or developing hairy palms. It’s a lack of sex drive that very well could be translated into a lack of desire. No one wants to share a bed with someone that doesn’t find them desirable. Cut back masturbating to just a few times per month. The fewer times, the better.

masturbation, sex drive, sexual appetite

Quality, Not Quantity – Work harder at increasing the amount of sex you have. Masturbation is a lot like fast food. Sure, it’s easy and it gets rid of the hunger. However, it’ll leave you wanting more each and every time. This is why you shouldn’t eat cheeseburgers every day. Your body will be left wanting more, as fast food is devoid of nutrients and anything healthy. The same thing on some level could be said about masturbation. The difference is, masturbation on some level is healthy. Just make sure you’re having sex more often than you masturbate.

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