Can A Threesome Enhance Your Relationship?

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Party Time – How do you find someone to have a threesome with? It’s a question that many couples end up asking themselves. Truthfully, finding a guy to have a threesomes with is usually pretty easy. It’s just a matter of asking. Most guys will jump at the opportunity to have a threesome. The harder thing to find is a willing female. Asking a friend to join you in the sack may not have the best results. You risk losing their friendship or things becoming awkward down the line.


Looking For A Third – The internet is a great place to find someone to have a threesome with. Quite a few dating sites have a section for hookups or whatever they call it. Make sure that you spell out exactly what you’re looking for. You should also be very descriptive about what type of person you’re looking for. Clearly state if you’re looking for a man or a woman. You’ll end up getting tons of replies from men. Probably much fewer replies from women. Being extremely descriptive will cut back on the amount of time you spend reading and replying to unwanted messages.


Sensible Searching – Don’t go searching on dating sites for people who you’d like to have a threesome with. Guys and gals more than likely don’t want to be bothered by your threesome request. You have to remember you’re a complete stranger to them. Guys might be flattered, while women will probably freaked out about it. Cutting corners and doing things the easy way will only ensure that you don’t get the threesome you want.