Practice Makes Perfect

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sex skills, practice, sexual knowledge

Repetition To Learn – How do you get good at sex? It’s the same exact way that you get good at frying eggs. You have to do it over and over again. There is no substitute for practice. None at all. No one is good at sex from the very beginning. The same could be said about frying eggs. You’ll ruin quite a few eggs before you can cook them over easy. That’s just the way it is. Don’t expect perfect yolks if you’ve never fried an egg before.

sex skills, practice, sexual knowledge

Let’s Practice – This is the one area that pornography has caused the most problems. It’s mostly the case with men. But, some women are skewered into believing that all guys should be like porn stars. Oral sex is actually quite a difficult task. No guy should think a girl will immediately suck dick like someone who’s been in hundreds of films. Remember, these girls often work as escorts too. Their cock sucking skills are the result of lots of practice. Just like frying an egg, practice does matter. Lowering your expectations of your partner’s performance in the sack isn’t a lessening of your standards. It just means you have one toe dipped into reality.

sex skills, practice, sexual knowledge

Don’t Expect a Porn Star – Porn can be a tool used to stimulate your sexual desires. It can be a very bad thing when it comes to expectations. You should never ever expect your partner to perform like those you see in videos. You’ll be left feeling absolutely in shambles if that’s the case. Very few people can do what they do in those videos. Instead, spend your time practicing. You’ll have a whole lot of fun and your partner will enjoy your new found expertise.

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