Can Your Relationship Survive Infidelity?

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cheating, infidelity

Can You Survive? – Can a relationship survive cheating? Many people face this very question. The short answer is yes. A relationship can withstand cheating. That doesn’t mean all should. It also doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be some fallout from the cheating as well. Cheating is far more about the physical act of having sex with someone else. The fact is, cheating can happen without someone having sex.

cheating, infidelity

Your Cheating Heart – Cheating is defined by the people in the relationship. It could simply mean kissing someone else. For some couples even steamy online chats may constitute cheating. What should you do when you find out if your partner has cheated? The first thing you need to do is to make sure the cheating has stopped. Then you need to determine what kind of cheating took place. You need to see a doctor immediately if your partner had sex with someone else. It doesn’t matter if they used condoms. You need to get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases. You don’t want to have an untreated illness. This is a sad possibility of cheating.

cheating, infidelity

Get Advice – Sex very well could feel uncomfortable the first few times after someone has cheated on you. Talking to a therapist isn’t out of the question. You may need a little help to get yourself over all of this. There’s nothing wrong with having someone else help guide you through this. Don’t be put off if your partner doesn’t want to go to therapy. Go without them. Relationships can and do end over infidelity. Will yours? That’s a question that only you can answer. For some people it depends on the length and severity of the infidelity. A loss of self control after a night of drinking can be much different than a prolonged affair. Each situation is different and it needs to be addressed accordingly.

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