We Can Get Through It Together

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cheating, infidelity

Does It Mean The End? – Does infidelity have to ruin a relationship? Must a relationship be over if someone cheats on their partner? The obvious answer is no. The relationship doesn’t have to come to an end. Relationships have weathered far worse and anyone who’s been in one long enough fully understands that.

cheating, infidelity

Weather The Storm – It doesn’t mean that infidelity doesn’t cause a major strain in the relationship. Every relationship needs to have boundaries. You and your partner need to discuss what exactly cheating is. There are some of you reading this that are in more liberal open relationships. Cheating for you may mean something entirely different than what it would for a conservative couple. These things need to be discussed early on in the relationship. It’s not uncommon these days for couples to take breaks. You’ve probably seen DNA tests on your favorite talk show as the result of those breaks. If you and your partner take a break from each other, you’ve got to make rules. A broken heart will be the result if you don’t. Not only that, but it very well could ruin the relationship beyond repair.

sexual safety, safety

Be Safe – Always get tested for sexually transmitted diseases if you or your partner has had sex with someone else. STDs are one of the nasty consequences of infidelity. You want to take your health during this time very seriously. Not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. You won’t be able to repair your relationship, or move on, if you’re sick. Take care of yourself and work on building a better tomorrow. This is solid advice, regardless if the relationship survives the infidelity, or not.

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