You Look Hot!

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You Look Hot – It goes without saying most guys are very visual. Many love to watch porn as they masturbate or even as a couple, to heighten sexual arousal overall. Sexy pics aren’t quite as exciting as porn, but the chances you know the people in the porn movie are small, the chances you could know the person in the nude pic, well, they could be high. It’s very common these days to be sending nude pics to others we know for the purpose of arousal.


Text Me – The sending of cock and pussy pics, pics of ourselves masturbating, it’s all so easy these days. It wasn’t so long ago that there were no digital cameras. Imagine if you wanted a picture, you literally had to load rolls of film into a camera, and unless you developed them yourself, good luck taking a roll of such pics to any place to develop it, they’d likely call the police for lewd conduct, and I’m not kidding. Now anyone can snap pics and send them around the world in seconds with no need for actual film, developing, any of that.

Is That Real Or Photoshopped – It’s easy these days if you’re talented at it to “enhance” your pics with many photo editing programs. So guys can all of a sudden add a couple of inches to their cock pics and be studs with a few mouse clicks. Pics however can be sexy to many people and they do indeed masturbate to them. Many do send genuine pics of themselves to their cyber sex and phone sex partners to perhaps look at and enhance their sessions with one another. If you can’t actually be with someone, pics or cam is the next best thing to see the most intimate sides of them.

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