Romance On The Cheap – The Best Things In Life Are Free

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romance on a budget, cheap dates

Love On A Budget – Quite a few couples are on a budget these days. Romance isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when making a budget. Don’t worry, you can spice up your love life for next to nothing. You don’t need to break the bank to have a quiet sexy evening at home. Sex is free and what leads up to it can be fulfilling and cheap. Cook a meal at home. You don’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant. You can even have a picnic. If you have kids, go outside and eat. Don’t feel guilty for not inviting them to the meal. Send them off to their grandparents while you have some time for yourself. There’s no need to pay for a babysitter. Your parents romance on a budget, cheap dateswill love spending some time with their grand kids.


Spend Wisely – Don’t run out and buy a CD of romantic music. Does anyone buy CDs these days? You can find all the music needed for free on YouTube. Almost the same exact thing could be said about candles. There’s no need spend big bucks on a candle. It’s all about creating an atmosphere and cheap candles found at any dollar store can do just that. A decent bottle of wine can be bought for just a few bucks. You should always buy wine from a store with knowledgeable employees. Ask them what’s good and cheap. You should be able to get a good bottle of wine for five dollars or less. Yes, that’s cheap. Some will say that you can’t get a good bottle for under ten dollars. Buy what’s on sale. You’re bound to find a deal if you put in the leg work.

romance on a budget, cheap dates

Priceless Moments – By far the most important aspect of all of this is spending some quality alone time with your partner. You can do that without any of the stuff mentioned above. Don’t have any cash at all? You can still listen to YouTube if you’re reading this on some sort of electronic device. Find a quiet place and make out before having sex. Enjoy the alone time and have sex. Setting aside a little time for the two of you is what’s the most important thing. All the other stuff is just an attempt to get you in the mood to do the deed.

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