Privacy For Masturbation With Roommates

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Knock Knock – Lack of privacy for masturbation in a shared environment is something many people have to deal with on a regular basis. Often when one goes away to college and has a roommate for the first time this can prove troublesome. I used to mercilessly tease someone I chatted with that was going away to college as this was a real concern of his. I told him he’d be out walking looking for back alleys to jerk off behind dumpsters to get some privacy. He freaked out when I said his roommate was doing it as he slept in the bed next to him. It was so fun to tease and play on his worries!



Are You Alone – One I phoned with used to go out in his car, another went into a closet that still lived at home. I used to tell the one in the car, he’d drive out to the woods, I told him one night he was going to get his car stuck out there and was going to have to call a tow truck and how embarrassing it would be to explain what he’d been doing out there at 3 AM! I told him shortly after meeting his new roommate, they just be matter of fact about the matter and sit down calmly and create an “alone time” masturbation schedule. He was mortified, and I was laughing at his discomfort. Luckily I have never had a roommate to contend with, but joking aside, it is a problem. Many I have wanted to phone with were paranoid roommates might hear them talking, or they would only do it when the roommate were out of the shared quarters entirely.


Is Someone Watching – This is a real concern to many going away to college for the first time. The thought of being caught if someone walks in on them, there are some very funny real life tales online of experiences like this, getting caught masturbating, funny now but not at the time.

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