Hanging Out In The Nude

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nude, naked, comfortable, comfort

Letting It All Hang Out – Do you and your partner live alone? If so, there’s one thing you should try. It may sound kind of stupid at first. Are you ready for this? Set aside time to just be naked. Don’t wear any clothes at all. If you must, just wear something skimpy. This might sound comical to some people. It’ll be very uncomfortable to those of you who aren’t comfortable with your body. You should never feel uncomfortable being naked in front of your partner. There are some big issues behind it if you are.

nude, naked, comfortable, comfort

Wear Your Birthday Suit – What should you do while naked? Everything that’s safe. You shouldn’t deep fry anything or do any wielding while naked. Keep your thinking cap on while naked. You’re not going to want to do anything that may cause harm or injury. Why not sit around and watch TV naked? Mop the floor while in the buff. Be free and give your partner some eye candy. Why not? Just because it sounds silly isn’t a valid excuse for not doing it. You will never have great sex if you’re not comfortable in your own skin. It’s not possible. You can’t constantly feel uneasy and experience a high level of pleasure. Your mind is thinking about something other than the task at hand.

nude, naked, comfortable, comfort

Be Sexy, Be Naked – Get comfortable being naked. Make sure your partner is too. Give them something to look at. Don’t be shy in the slightest. There’s no reason to. Your relationship and sexual enjoyment will grow once you feel comfortable being naked. Start today and you’ll notice an improvement in your sex life.

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