Don’t Be Boring in Bed

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variety, sex tips, sexual variety

Don’t Be Boring – The idea that sex can become boring sounds almost laughable to those who don’t get laid much. Those who have a healthy sex life know that sex can in fact become boring. It can even feel routine at some point. Sex can easily feel like cooking breakfast. You go through the motions until it’s over and then go to sleep. Sex doesn’t have to be this way. You can be together with your partner for years and sex can still be great.

variety, sex tips, sexual variety

Things To Try – Here is a short list of things that you can do to spice up your sex life. Keep it exciting and you’ll always enjoy sex. The minute sex becomes boring there’s a problem. Boring sex can be just as bad as getting none at all. Again, that’s probably hard for some to believe who get no action in between the sheets. Role-playing is a great way to unleash the inner actor in you. Give it a try. The gal can be the dirty whore or the guy can be the strict principal. Be creative and even consider doing a little cosplay. There’s no reason why you can’t act out your favorite cartoon characters in the sack. Public sex can always be fun. Just remember to not get caught by the police. It would suck pretty bad to end up in jail. Threesomes can be fun if you’re the type who likes swinging. It’s best to have a threesome with someone who isn’t a close friend. It’ll be awkward the next time that you see them. Adding food to the mix can be a total blast. Just remember to keep it away from the vagina. The addition of anything there can offset the body’s natural bacteria and all that stuff. Simply put: Keep all food away from the pussy. Try a little BDSM. You don’t have to go full force and build a dungeon. Start out small with some silky rope or furry handcuffs. Go all out with the romance. This is fun from time to time. Have a romantic candlelight dinner. Put on some soft music and break out the lingerie. Sometimes going over the top can be very rewarding in the sack. Skip the sex and just enjoy foreplay. Oral sex is a total blast for both him and her. You don’t need to go all the way every time. Suck and lick until both of you get off. Sometimes it’s just more fun that way.

variety, sex tips, sexual variety

Relax a Little – A drink or two before sex can make it more fun. Keep the drinking at a minimum. You don’t want to end up drunk and knocked up. A couple of drinks can add a new twist to your love making. It’ll make you looser and more apt to trying something new. As you can see there are tons of ways you can spice things up. Don’t let sex get dull and boring. If that happens, you very well could see your sex life dry up. That could have a potentially devastating impact on your relationship. Keep sex fresh and exciting. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ll not only enjoy yourself, but you’ll get more action in the long run.

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